In Tantra, Tantric Sex Practice becomes a means, not an end. We open to all aspects of Tantra Energy. We learn to relax our bodies, heighten our senses, deeply experience our feelings. We drop goals and standards of how to perform, and don't seek orgasm in bed or ecstasy in life.

In Tantric Sex Practice, you experience high states of sexual arousal while remaining completely relaxed. You learn to transmute the sexual energy generated by sacred union into a cosmic connection with the divine. This altered state can only be called pure Tantra Ecstasy.

How do we use this Tantra Energy to heal relationship?

In spite of having no sexual expectations, Tantric Orgasm naturally expands and become stronger, longer, deeper, and more cosmic for both partners. You each take more joy in breathing, moving, and simply being together. A relationship becomes a space of spiritual communion where you float in ecstasy together. You don't strive for reaching any state, you just bask in the pleasure your bodies naturally produces. By letting orgasmic energy pump through your own body and in and out of your partner's body, you create a circle. Distance and separation fall away and you feel as if you were one.

If you've viewed sex only as getting yourself off, you might think Tantra means to get your partner off before yourself. If you've always been the giver, you might think this means you have to learn to receive. Or you might interpret that simultaneous orgasm is the goal of Tantra and the only right way.

So instead of being a diet or pop exercise regiment, Tantric Sex all by itself becomes a spiritual practice. We often call Tantric Sex "loveplay" because it's just that, playful. It's creative, spontaneous, and always different. There are no taboos, inhibitions, or boundaries, other than what you create to move in the direction you want at the speed you choose.

That's the great thing about Tantric exercises, if you're not satisfied the first time, you just have to practice, practice, practice. And since you'll be practicing sex, there's always an incentive to seek the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow you're seeking.

Tantra Ecstasy is one of those prizes awaiting you. Click continue to read about it.


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