Tantra is mystical beauty, the ritual of sacred sexuality, and a divine path to enlightenment.

Tantra is an ancient spiritual practice from the East that shows us how to use sexual energy to raise consciousness. It began over 7000 years ago in India as a rebellion against strict religions which limited pleasure and personal evolution to the higher castes or social classes. Tantra emerged so ordinary folks could learn how to get ahead spiritually by diving fully into the energies of life instead of repressing desires.

Is this too good to be true or what? Imagine a new age method that helps you evolve while you're having the most ecstatic sex of your life. Well, that's Tantra.

Tantra says "Yes!" to all that is and all that you are.

With all this flowery talk, you might wonder if Tantra is a religion? Is it a personal therapy? And you might question how can sex play a role in a spiritual practice?

No, Tantra isn't a religion. But it is a non-denominational spiritual practice which shows people of all beliefs how to raise consciousness by embracing life more fully. Tantra teaches us how to welcome, accept, and use the energy of life to grow. It teaches us how to...

Accept not deny,

Welcome not resist, and

Enjoy what feels good without judging or feeling guilty.

Our minds have been filled with all sorts of ideas that don't work, causing stress, problems, and pain. Tantra says listen to your own heart and spirit. Though Tantra is the sacred route to enhancing relationship, it begins with each of you individually.

Tantra can teach you how to channel life force using sexual energy as a way to illuminate consciousness. This is why Tantra is often called sacred sexuality, a celebration of life, love, and spirit.

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Many are rediscovering the deep connection between sexuality and spirituality, honoring pleasure as a divine gift. Sex is truly an aspect of the universal creative life force which enlivens and electrifies every stage of your life. The soul's hunger for Tantra Ecstasy is as real as the body's craving for food.

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