How To Discover Supreme Bliss Tantra

We applaud your interest in wanting to discover Supreme Bliss Tantra. Do you want to learn Tantra because...

  • You've heard about merging sex with spirit through Supreme Bliss Tantra.
  • You hope learning to practice sacred sexuality with your beloved will heal the gaps of intimacy in your relationship.
  • You never had a "Sex 101" class and feel as a novice drawn to the Kama Sutra and to the claims attributed to Tantric Sex.
  • You're fascinated with the prospect of multiple extended cosmic orgasms, lovemaking for hours, and reaching altered states of ecstatic bliss.
  • You're hoping to find yourself through the spiritual development that is Tantra's heritage and backbone.

All good reasons to embark on the path of Supreme Bliss Tantra. What's the best way to proceed?

If you've read anything about Tantra, no matter how valuable the information was, you realize that Supreme Bliss Tantra is about experience, not knowledge. It starts as a solo practice so you can cultivate and expand your sexual energy. Then, if you have a partner, you learn to merge your energies of love, sex, and spirit so that lovemaking -- and all of life -- becomes an ecstatic meditation.

"Tantra is the path of the heart. It is a spiritual path that includes sexuality but not limited to that only. Tantra is a fullness of being." -- Kutira and Raphael

The decision that faces you is how to begin with Supreme Bliss Tantra so you can get what you want for yourself and your beloved now or in the future.

Why Supreme Bliss Tantra?

The right place to begin your Tantric quest is inside. Inside you, that is. Come to think of it, that's where you'll end up, too. But more about that later.

©Leonard Leinow Heart ProsperityFirst you need to understand a little of what Supreme Bliss Tantra is about: energy, experience, heart, spirit, and surrendering to life -- not just hot sacred sexuality. Some web surfing, book reading, and intro workshops can help you grasp the basic concept of Supreme Bliss Tantra - saying "yes" to life, love, and sex.

Our home page or menu tabs at the top of all of our pages are two great places to start exploring our free Tantric Sex Info: hundreds of articles, web pages, and Online Guided Tours. This page is part of our free Explore Tantra Online Guided Tour which you can follow by using the menu at the left or the continue button at the bottom.

"You need to be clear about what you want. Are you looking to keep the life you have now with just a little more enjoyment or are you open to cracking yourself wide open and finding out who you really are?" ----- Deborah Taj Anapol, Ph.D.

Where Else Can You Learn These Things?

Tantra At Tahoe's Supreme Bliss Tantra EbookAs you look inside to decide how you want to transform yourself, your sex life, and your whole life with Supreme Bliss Tantra, consider what we say in our comprehensive do-it-yourself ebook, Supreme Bliss Tantra Guide To The Ecstasy Of Spiritual Sex. (Click here to download your own copy of our Do-It-Yourself Tantra How-To Guide now.)

"Our culture represses our very nature. Religions and parents, as agents of those religions, forbid this kind of exploration. Few of our parents talked to us about sex. They simply didn't know how to overcome their own fear and ignorance. Virtually none of our elders talked to us adequately about the beauty, the emotions, the ecstatic moments. In today's world, you can't even think or speak about anything sexual at work without the threat of a lawsuit. As a result the pressures of the right wing and the fears of those in control of the curriculum, sex education in schools has been severely limited and become a cold, clinical examination of the biology of reproduction."

We have to empathize with you. Where can you or any lover learn about...

  • The glory of All That Is represented in the sexual pleasure our bodies can feel?
  • Giving and receiving healthy, never-ending, transformative pleasure?
  • Connecting with God/Goddess through your beloved?
  • Finding out who you really are by connecting with your higher blissful self during the state of cosmic Tantric Orgasm?

Supreme Bliss Tantra For What?

Discover WaterfallAre you getting clearer about what attracts you to Supreme Bliss Tantra? Do this intuitively. Don't worry about getting too analytical or setting discreet goals. That's not the Tantric way of accepting what's percolating inside.

We're continually amazed how many people rush headlong into group workshops without being clear about what they want to achieve with Supreme Bliss Tantra. Without knowing what changes your life needs, you'll have a difficult time selecting the right beginning teacher or class.

Ask yourself, do you want to...

  • Improve your sex life?
  • Find yourself or learn to love yourself?
  • Heal some long-standing wounding?
  • Find your soulmate?
  • Deepen the love and intimacy in your relationship?
  • Develop spiritually?
  • Change something else about yourself or your life?

Not easy questions, of course, but essential if you want to get involved in the Tantric path of sacred sexuality. Supreme Bliss Tantra is above all about consciousness. Enter blind and you may very well wander around in the dark for too long.

"What specifically is it about "Tantra" that interests you? What specifically do you want to get out of pursuing this path? What issue do you want to address? Is it a sexual issue? Is it an emotional issue? Is it a communication issue? Is it a physical issue? Is it a spiritual issue? What are you challenged by?" -- Sohini Genevieve

How Supreme Bliss Tantra?

If you're deciding why you truly want to get into Supreme Bliss Tantra, you're making real progress now on your journey towards Spiritual Sex. Just be sure you're clear as you progress that Tantra isn't about amassing knowledge and information. Above all else, Supreme Bliss Tantra is a spiritual practice.

Practice means regular exercise, like yoga, jogging, or working out. Once usually won't do much. What you're hoping to change in your life has to be important enough for you to be willing to invest some time regularly. And of course if it's fun and pleasurable, you're more likely to flex your muscles regularly. Which is a great benefit of Supreme Bliss Tantra. The practices involve excitement, turn-on, and sexual pleasure. You'll want do those kinds of work-outs regularly, won't you?

"Someone seeking to go on the Tantric path needs to feel that their life has greater potential than they are already experiencing." ----- Rajeev

Partner Or No Partner?

If you have a partner, it's important that you're looking into Supreme Bliss Tantra together. You should know up front that the transformative power of this spiritual path is profound. If one of you starts changing dramatically without the other's understanding and collaboration, expect lots of stress in your relationship. Do it together and expect your intimacy, your chemistry, your passion to soar.

If you're currently single and hoping Supreme Bliss Tantra will help you personally, there's no reason to wait. Not only do you not need a partner to begin studying, but much of basic Supreme Bliss Tantra is based on solo practices you need to master before coupling. This is so important that we devoted our January 2002 newsletter to it, entitled "No Partner, No Tantra, No Sense."

We have more to say about discovering Supreme Bliss Tantra. Click the continue button at the bottom right to find out how to Learn Tantra.

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