Spiritual Sex Brings The Divine Into Your Relationship & Your Bed

Spiritual Sex can...

  • © Brandon Croy Enveloped in Kundalini FireDramatically deepen the intimacy in your love relationship and bring your closer to your beloved.
  • Heighten your sexual pleasure and expand your orgasms to cosmic levels.
  • Hasten your personal growth and connect you with the divine.
  • Allow you to bring love, meaning, and spirit into your bedroom.
  • Show you how to use sexual energy to transform yourself, your relationship, and your whole life.
  • Help you reach the exalted state where love and sex become meditation.

Thanks for joining the Spiritual Sex page of our Explore Tantra Online Guided Tour which begins on our Explore Tantra page. Here we want to help you understand how sex and spirit are really one and how Spiritual Sex can actually make good on these dramatic claims.

Spiritual Sex Is Sacred Merger Of Sexuality And Spirit

Spiritual Sex is mystical beauty, the ritual of sacred sexuality, and a divine path to enlightenment. In Supreme Bliss Tantra we believe that spirit and sex are one and celebrate that every time we meditate, embrace nature, and make love.

If you live in the modern world that clearly splits sex and spirit, you might wonder how we can connect spirituality with sexuality? How can we claim that Spiritual Sex can be a proven path to reach a state of enlightenment?

Supreme Bliss Tantra truly is sacred sexuality because we believe that the sacred union of two spiritual beings, bringing together the masculine and feminine principles in flesh, is the paramount display of love, the prime crucible for healing relationships, and the ultimate high union with the Divine.

Or we could just simply ask why so many of us scream "Oh My God!" when we come.

Make Spiritual Sex A Part Of Your Love Life

Spirituality SkyTo make Spiritual Sex a part of your love life, sex life, and relationship life, you have to accept and act on the basic principle that sex is sacred. Simply recognize that sex is a natural part of who you are. Just for a moment think about how your parents conceived your body.

If it weirds you out to think about your folks doing it, sorry. But that's only because you're still thinking of sex as gross or dirty. It's easier to accept that sex is sacred if you are aware that you as well as mom and dad are divine beings. Since your body is a divine gift, your physical pleasure must be, too.

Try approaching all of life and all of sex with a sense of awe and wonder. Supreme Bliss Tantra teaches that by expressing your sexual nature, you are expressing your sacred self. Sex becomes sacred when you approach it with consciousness and respect as a spiritual path to discover more of your true nature.

Being your sexual self is a way of honoring your divine connection. Sharing your sexual self with another is a way of honoring their divine nature as well as yours.

Spiritual Sex Brings Powerful Healing To You And Your Relationship

By practicing Supreme Bliss Tantra, you can learn to accept your sexuality openly and honestly as the divine gift it is. Learning Spiritual Sex rituals promotes the feelings and thoughts and techniques to release the stuck energies from the past, from cultural, familial and religious inhibitions through our energy centers, or chakras. Learning to experience sex as a meditation brings you closer to spirit when you're most open and vulnerable.

As we become more and more proficient at moving orgasmic energy through our bodies, we cleanse more completely and flow with the ecstasy of our divine nature and the love of the universe.

Sexuality is a gift for the pleasure of humankind. Supreme Bliss Tantra urges you to enjoy it to the fullest on your journey to eternal love. When you can seamlessly dance with each other soaring to higher peaks as if you were one, then you'll truly understand why the ancients called Spiritual Sex a sacred practice.

Tantra Training ConsultOur FREE Tantra Training Consult

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Yet, there's a place for sexual skills in Spiritual Sex as the next page about Tantra Techniques explains. Hit continue for more.

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