We gave you an introduction to what Tantra is. So what isn't Tantra?

Earlier we claimed Tantra isn't a religion. That's because it has no churches, no clergy, no dogma, and no rules to judge behavior as right or wrong. And even though many of us hold our own notions of a Higher Force, we don't worship any all-powerful supreme being.

Remember, Tantra says yes. Each of us is a divine being in direct communion with the source of Tantra Energy. Sacred sexuality is the vehicle to promote your personal and spiritual growth. There are no "sins" in the Tantric tradition and no punishment. There is no book of rules.

Tantra is not a cult with membership requirements. Your intention is all that's needed. Your intention to love, laugh and make love, with yourself or others. Use your sexual pleasure to enhance your whole life as well as your sense of belonging fully to this life, to your life.

Tantra doesn't require free love or any particular sexual preference. While the majority who practice Tantra are monogamous couples or singles seeking monogamy, some are gay, lesbian, bisexual, celibate, or polyamorous. We've dedicated our Tantra Polyamory page to explain that last one, about having multiple love relationships.

Because Tantrikas do not separate spirit from body, everything about you is spiritual or sacred, including your thoughts and behaviors. You, simply, can't get it wrong.

Because in Tantra it's essential to let your energies flow, we feel strongly that emotions and desires should not be repressed, but accepted and perhaps expressed. When you do this, you cannot help but learn about your deeper self, your essence.

The Tantra Attitude is not a license to do whatever occurs to you, to act on whims that might harm others. It's not a license for free sex. It's been our total experience that learning to love yourself through Tantra Practice also opens you to the love for others on this planet in new and deep ways.

The only command of Tantra is that you do what you do with complete awareness of your own inner forces and motivations while being conscious of the implications of your behaviors.

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