Squirting female ejaculation produces a natural fluid which in Tantra is called amrita. In ancient Sanskrit, amrita means nectar of the gods. If you've experienced squirting female ejaculation as we have, you'll agree wholeheartedly.

During squirting female ejaculation, fluid is released through the small urethral opening on the top side of yoni's opening. Squirting female ejaculation produces amrita which is milky white to clear and essentially odorless.

The fluid contains the same enzymes as male prostatic fluid, a main component of semen. The amino acids, which are building blocks of proteins, found in female ejaculate are the same as those found in male ejaculate. This has lead many modern sexologists to call the ducts and glands surrounding the urethra, the female prostate.

The similarity in men and women's prostate tissue and in the chemical composition of their ejaculation fluids ends the debate for all time. Yes, biology proves another way in which men and women are truly equal.

The female prostate, the feminine equivalent of that gland which is causing so much concern to aging men today, is more commonly called the G-Spot.

Though squirting female ejaculation comes out of the same orifice, what the female prostate produces is definitely not urine. We want to reassure all readers that squirting female ejaculation definitely is NOT peeing. Too many women down through history have resisted their natural ability to enjoy squirting female ejaculation because of this misunderstand.

More women would enjoy squirting female ejaculation if it was more widely understood that it's natural, healthy, and pleasurable. Buy Tantric G-Spot Orgasm Female Ejaculation E-BookIt's definitely not vaginal lubrication, and, no, it's also not pee. Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation will teach you exactly what it is and how to learn.

Don't be misled, enjoy squirting female ejaculation to your heart's content. Click continue for the next page to learn more.


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