Ejaculation female or female ejaculation is that glorious gushing, that dribbling and spraying from a woman's yoni (Tantric for vagina) during sex, that so many of us crave. Ejaculation female has been known for a long time, at least since the golden age of Greece.

Though ejaculation female is not as widely accepted as male ejaculation, recent scientific research has confirmed what the ancients knew thousands of years ago, that many women experience ejaculation female. Now we can prove what causes ejaculation female and what causes it.

Women love ejaculation female because it feels really good, with or without orgasm. Ejaculation female can actually trigger an orgasm.

Ejaculation female is something women want to learn because it dramatically increases their repertoire of pleasure. Ejaculation female isn't better, it's just more. Tantrikas, those that study Tantra, are known for their chant, "More, more, more." Which certainly applies to ejaculation female.

Actually, ejaculation female is more common than many lovers realize.

We believe any woman, Shakti in Tantra language, can learn ejaculation female. It's quite possible that you already experience ejaculation female , but the amount of your ejaculation female is so small it mixes with lubrication fluids and neither you nor your lover recognize that you are actually having ejaculation female.

Ejaculation female is often misunderstood by many people. Sadly this is true of MD's as well. The first thought to the uninformed is that ejaculation female is urine. Far too many women have had needless surgery to "correct" this "problem" when it's really just natural ejaculation female. Some lovers get grossed out when their partner does ejaculation female. This is the result of early conditioning about the "dirtiness" of the genitals and the fluids associated with them.

Tantra wants you to accept your self fully. This includes loving your body as well as your body's excretions like ejaculation female. The more and deeper you love your self, your body, your soul, the more you will lead a full, joyful life, lifting yourself beyond the struggle of most folks.

We are convinced that ejaculation female is not only ecstatic, it is totally natural. Ejaculation female is what a woman's body does, naturally.

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