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If You Really Want To Learn Female Ejaculation, Here's What You Need

Physically, learning to squirt female ejaculation is technically quite simple. The more complicated part is emotional readiness. To learn female ejaculation, a woman needs most if not all of these conditions present...

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Physically, Shakti has to be really turned on, enough so that her Sacred Gate swells up with fluid. How turned on is enough for female ejaculation? If her G-Spot is engorged enough to be palpable, meaning you can feel it under yoni's upper wall, you're getting there.

Communication between partners is essential, regardless if female ejaculation is something new to either or both of you. If the woman trusts and feels love for her partner, she will get turned on faster and deeper.

She needs the right kind of stimulation to expel fluid from female ejaculation. Part of this comes from the outside, via Sacred Gate play. What works for one at one time may not do the trick for her at another time, or for someone else. Which is why communication is essential. The more vital aspect comes from within. The women needs to know what to do to make it happen. So, in essence, female ejaculation is a team effort.

The Goddess must be willing to surrender to her passion. Letting go is the key to becoming a fully sexual person. That's why we talk about approaching this whole effort without any strict goals or timetable. Performance pressure creates the kind of internal tension that prevents the Goddess from experiencing peak pleasure.

Confidence that your bladder is empty. When you put the right kind of pressure on the Sacred Gate at the right time, the Goddess may feel the urge to pee. This is wonderful and foretells a high chance of female ejaculation with Amrita to come. Confidence is mentioned so that Shakti surrenders to this sensation and moves past it to higher passion.

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