This female ejaculation story article appeared in the April 2003 issues of our Sacred Sexual Secrets newsletter...

What Is Amrita?

Being untrained in the ancient arts of Tantric love, it's easy to understand why many women and their lovers, not to mention doctors, thought that the female ejaculation fluid gushing out the same place where urine does had to be urine. But it can't be, as science has recently proven.

Amrita has little or no odor and is colorless. Sometimes it's clear and sometimes milky with a watery consistency. Chemical analysis has proven that it isn't urine because it contains such small amounts of urine's key components.

Female ejaculation fluid is different than the wetness that develops when a woman gets turned on. As Grafenberg pointed out in 1950, Amrita can't be vaginal lubrication because it appears around orgasm, not at the beginning of arousal it's needed most. If you repeat female ejaculation enough, you'll be able to prove this yourself. You'll need to add more and more lubrication, as the watery Amrita from repeated female ejaculation washes away thicker, more slippery, friction-fighting fluids.

We also know that the paraurethral sponge contributes to female ejaculation emissions because of the unique chemicals which have been identified. As a result of all these studies, there is now a general consensus that Amrita is the secretion of both the paraurethral glands and "de-urinized" fluid from the bladder.

With A Will There's A Way

The sexual anatomy of women is deliciously intertwined and integrated. The majority of women learn to ejaculate via G-Spot play. Which is why we call the G-Spot the Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss. In a woman experienced with female ejaculation, this gushing can happen from multiple sources. Maybe a little explanation is in order to make this clearer.

Women have at least two physical channels of stimulation: the Sacred Gate and the clitoris, which we call clio. In fact, clio and yoni's outside are fed by one nerve and her inside, where the G-Spot is, by another. The average female lover gets more clio stimulation during sexual play than Sacred Gate contact.

When this second powerful pathway is opened up, many women experience waves of pleasure much more intense than ever before. Which breaks through ingrained resistance, allowing the divine nectar to flow forth with female ejaculation. In Tantra, we believe this is Shakti's natural state.

When a woman opens to her sexual power, she can release female ejaculation from either Sacred Gate or clio stimulation, or from both together. With the build up of enough sexual energy, she can ascend into a state of continuous ecstasy which we call the Orgasm Zone. In the O-Zone, the Goddess might ejaculate when her beloved brushes her skin, kisses her, or simply looks lovingly at her.

In our next issue, we'll give you more specifics about what you need to learn to ejaculate, that is, if you're a woman.

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