What does it take for a woman to completely own her divine sexual nature, become multiply orgasmic, and ejaculate freely? Here are the answers to the 20 Questions that tell you. To complete the quiz, score each sentence from 0 to 5 using this rating scale...

5 completely describes me all the time
4 mostly describes me
3 describes me sometimes
2 only applies to me a little
1 most often doesn't apply to me
0 doesn't apply to me at all or don't know if it does.

Chapter references are from Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation.

1. I love sex and am entirely Proud of it. (Chapter 2)

2. My attitude is completely Sex Positive. (Chapters 2 & 7)

3. My Mind helps me get totally aroused and romantically engaged. (Chapters 3 & 7)

4. I feel safe and Trust my lover, even when that's me. (Chapter 4)

5. I desire to share pleasure and love in my healthy Relationship, even when that's with myself. (Chapter 4)

6. I Talk freely and openly about sex. (Chapter 4)

7. I can Relax thoroughly during states of high arousal. (Chapter 3)

8. I totally love and accept my Body and all it's parts and fluids. (Chapter 4)

9. I know all the trigger points that give me the best Turn-On. (Chapter 5)

10. My tissues and erogenous zones are free and Supple. (Chapter 7)

11. The Sexual Muscles in my pelvis are strong when I need them and relaxed otherwise. (Chapter 3)

12. I love Clio and know exactly how to please her. (Chapter 5)

13. I know exactly where my G-Spot is. (Chapter 6)

14. I know exactly how to give my G-Spot maximum Pleasure. (Chapters 6 & 9)

15. I know how to Guide a partner to give me maximum pleasure. (Chapter 8)

16. I show I'm Excited by moving, breathing, making sounds, and expressing emotions. (Chapter 3)

17. I can easily and reliably Orgasm. (Chapter 8)

18. I have Multiple, extended, continuous full-body orgasms. (Chapter 8)

19. I know how to relax, Let Go, and push out to ejaculate. (Chapter 10)

20. I Want to shower myself and my beloved with my divine nectar. (Chapter 10)

Total your scores with a maximum possible 100. If your total is...

Above 80 you're ready to go for it.
Between 60 and 80 you're close
Between 40 and 60 you've got some work to do.

Buy Tantric G-Spot Orgasm Female Ejaculation E-BookIf your score is below 40, you'll want to spend lots of time enjoying the practices in the appropriate chapters of Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation. The good news is that the more you do the practices in those chapters, the more you'll grow. You can expand your sexuality, we're sure of that.

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