Girl ejaculation can be caused by dildos, vibrators, and other fun things. Some sex toys are designed specifically for G-Spot stimulation and girl ejaculation. In fact, you can find 65 options to help with girl ejaculation in our Adult Products Store by clicking here.

Our favorite G-Spot stimulator for girl ejaculation is a sensuously curved sex toy called the Crystal Wand. It's an "S" shaped bar of clear Lucite plastic that's easy to hold and manipulate when one end is inserted inside a man or woman.

Buy Tantric G-Spot Orgasm Female Ejaculation E-BookThe Crystal Wand was specifically designed to easily stimulate your own or another's G-Spot for male, female, and girl ejaculation. It allows deeper reach, stronger pressure, and perfect vibration when and where it counts to create girl ejaculation. You can learn more about and get your Crystal Wand to play with girl ejaculation for yourself or your lover by clicking here.

Stroking the G-Spot with fingers or a Crystal Wand can stimulate deep powerful orgasms with or without girl ejaculation. For many women, getting turned on with girl ejaculation is a sure path to multiple, extended, or continuous orgasms which we call the O-Zone.

To learn more about reaching this intense plateau of ecstasy with and without girl ejaculation, see our Tantric Orgasm page in our free Tantra Guided Tour.

There are other triggers for girl ejaculation for experienced ejaculators including clio (the clitoris), the opening of the urethra, and other erogenous zones.

Although many experienced ejaculators experience girl ejaculation while having intercourse, girl ejaculation is much easier with fingers or oral sex.

Learning girl ejaculation is quite difficult with intercourse. That's why our complete program outlined in Buy Tantric G-Spot Orgasm Female Ejaculation E-BookTantric G-Spot Orgasm and Girl Ejaculation includes dozens and dozens of Kama Sutra sex positions and step by step instructions for girl ejaculation during full sexual union. Join the ranks who relish girl ejaculation, you'll love it.

Another girl ejaculation tool that helps many learn are female ejaculation videos and female ejaculation DVDs. Click continue to see some samples of our favorite.


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