This female ejaculation story article appeared in the April 2003 issues of our Sacred Sexual Secrets newsletter...

The Right Female Ejaculation Information & Training

Some women get super turned on and have multiple orgasms during sexual play, yet they're not aware of experiencing female ejaculation. It's quite possible they may be ejaculating without knowing about it. If their sexual muscles aren't strong enough to expel Amrita with force, gushing from female ejaculation won't be noticeable.

In addition to muscle tone, the amount of female ejaculation seems to vary with age, menstrual cycle, genetic factors, diet, physical apparatus, hydration, and psychological barriers.

With the right female ejaculation information and training, we believe all women can learn to squirt. In fact, we suspect every women who can let herself go and experience peak pleasure has done it at least a little bit. Some trained Tantrikas have been known to regularly gush up to two cups of Amrita.

Adopt A Tantric Female Ejaculation Attitude

You need to approach this fun game with a Tantric attitude. Basically this means to accept your level and let whatever happens happen. Anticipate a lot of delightful experiments without expecting anything specific each time. You may not become a real gusher all at once, but if you both enjoy yourselves, you will have a fantastic time trying.

Buy Tantric G-Spot Orgasm Female Ejaculation E-Book Don't be intimidated if you're not aware of ejaculating or you're not yet multi-orgasmic. Our new ebook, "Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation," can teach you both with a Supreme Bliss Tantra point of view.

This is important for you guys as well. Remember, pleasure is your only goal. It's essential that you don't set up standards of any sort like expecting your partner to "perform" female ejaculation on command.

We want both of you to be able to enjoy female ejaculation when it happens because it is simply another pleasurable experience, not because the ability to create female ejaculation makes either of you any better, or any sexier.

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