This female ejaculation story article appeared in the April 2003 issues of our Sacred Sexual Secrets newsletter...

In our previous issue about female ejaculation, we delved deeper into the whole phenomenon of female ejaculation, including it's history, anatomy, chemistry, and learning challenges. In this issue we'll explain how you can learn and what you need to do to prepare to learn female ejaculation.

Taboos You Might Run Into

Most of the challenges you will encounter on the road to female ejaculation are psychological. Many of the female ejaculation taboos we've inherited from our sexually repressive society culminate in stopping women from ejaculating. Here are a few of them...

Embarassment about wetting the bed: "My fluids are dirty." As we've mentioned, though it's wet, Amrita isn't urine. You can deal with this female ejaculation challenge with a couple towels underneath. Isn't that why God invented washing machines?

Letting go is dangerous: "Maybe I won't have control of my orgasms or my body in the future." Tantra provides all the mastery you'd ever dream of, and lots more. All you need is a little delightful practice with female ejaculation.

Performance anxiety: "Oh my Goddess, I hope I can do it." It's all right either way. Some do, some don't. We believe you can learn female ejaculation if you really want to and you practice.

Partner pressure (real or imagined): "What will he (or she) think of me if I can't?" If you don't teach him some basic Tantra about dropping goals and expectations, he will think what most guys think. Either way, you can't surrender to orgasmic energy with mental stress. Without surrendering, your ecstasy, wet or dry, will be limited. So just let go of any kind of pressure and enjoy yourself with female ejaculation.

Extreme pleasure is sinful: "It's bad if I really let go and enjoy myself." Sorry, we don't agree. God/Goddess created sexual pleasure which makes it a divine gift.

Besides, the bottom line is how you feel when you play with female ejaculation...

  • When you resist, reject, or deny your sexuality, do you feel good or bad?

  • If you have fun, how do you feel?

  • How does orgasm make you feel?

We rest our case.

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