This female ejaculation story article appeared in the April 2003 issues of our Sacred Sexual Secrets newsletter...

Female Ejaculation Story And Tantra

She Came All Over Me, And It Was GOOD!

Remember the punch line from the TV ad some years ago "Try It, You'll Like It?" That's how we feel about female ejaculation.

Now maybe some of you are grossed out by the whole idea of female ejaculation because you mistakenly think the fluid some women emit when they're really turned on is pee. Well, it's not.

Maybe you don't believe that it actually happens, like many doctors. Well, believe us, it can, In one of our recent on-line surveys, two-thirds of our female visitors reported that they do. In fact, we think it happens much more often than many more women realize.

Or maybe you're not interested because you didn't know you could learn or why you'd want to. Again, believe us, any woman can develop the knack. Since the payoff in sexual ecstasy is so fantastic, you definitely want to. Believe Jeffre when she says it's not just for show. It's worth learning.

The Tantric View

Of course, our viewpoint is Tantric. Our path encourages us to experiment with pleasure by dropping our old programming that limits our ecstasy and spiritual evolution. We believe that full-out sexual play with consciousness is a sacred ritual. Squirting can be a wonderful part of this. Besides, it's good clean fun (when you make love on a couple towels).

We introduced our readers to some of the basic facts about female ejaculation in our three-part newsletter about the G-Spot last fall (11/25/02). Then, we told you about our newBuy Tantric G-Spot Orgasm Female Ejaculation E-Book ebook, "Awakening The Sacred Gate: The Supreme Bliss Tantra Guide to G-Spot Orgasm and Female Ejaculation," which contains the complete guidelines and dozens of practices to learn how to gush.

You can read that introduction here. Here we want to go much deeper into the wonderful phenomenon of female ejaculation.

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