Learn Female Ejaculation

Female ejaculation must be a subject you're interested in learning more about. That's great!

We agree. It feels great to both "gusher" and "gushee" when you understand that it's natural, not peeing, and lovely. In these pages we'll encourage you to prepare for it so you don't ruin your carpet, practice getting good at it, and loving it wholeheartedly.

Welcome to our free Female Ejaculation Guided Tour. This introductory page is your tour directory so you can aim at whatever you're most interested in. You can also follow the continue button at the bottom right of each screen to move through the tour in order.

Learn Female Ejaculation E-Book

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Learn Female Ejaculation Free Online Guided Tour Contents

We've used the most popular web search terms for our page titles, some clinical, some bordering closer to street talk. Here's what each focuses on...

Learn Female Ejaculation Tour 1

This screen launching our Female Ejaculation Guided Tour which explains what's on each page.

Learn Female Ejaculation Tour 2

The second half of our introduction to the pages on our Guided Tour.

Learn Female Ejaculation Intro

An introduction to the whole experience of female ejaculation.

Woman Ejaculation Benefits

Why a woman and her lover want to learn to ejaculate.

What Is Squirting

Yes, some call female ejaculation squirting. Some call it the divine nectar of the gods. This page explains what female ejaculation fluid is while trying to accommodate all tastes (pun intended).

Pussy Female Ejaculation Fluid

We usually call the pussy by the Tantric name yoni. So how much fluid gets expelled and what do you do about it? Showering love juices is possible if you're comfortable and have some Ejaculation Bed Protectors as described here.

Premature Ejaculation

On this page we talk about the tendency of some guys to be quick on the draw with premature ejaculation, and how to stop premature ejaculation permanently and naturally with Tantra. The relationship between the two is important: cum too quick and there's less chance of female ejaculation. Lots more in our free Premature Ejaculation Guided Tour.

Learn Female Ejaculation Orgasm

What's the connection between female ejaculation and orgasm? Not always obvious but explained on this page.

Female Ejaculation Pic

Lots of web surfers just want to see female ejaculation so we've spread some pics, meaning pictures, around. This page talks about the requirements for female ejaculation you can't see in pics.

Learn Feminine Ejaculation Muscles

Female ejaculation is greatly aided by strong feminine sexual muscles as this page explains with some surefire ways to strengthen yours.

Learn Female Ejaculation Quiz

We've summarized all the prerequisites on our free quiz page, 20 Prerequisites For Female Ejaculation. Another fun way to play 20 questions.

Learning Vaginal Ejaculation

Hopefully, all this talk about ejaculation from the female sex organ, the vagina, is peaking your interest. This page is an introduction to learning and practicing.

G-Spot Female Ejaculation

The G-Spot is the most powerful trigger for most women to learn female ejaculation. Here's an introduction to this delightful place inside yoni (Tantric for vagina). Lots more in our free G-Spot Guided Tour.

Female G-Spot Massage

There are two primary ways to excite the G-Spot. This page delves into the first, using fingers.

Learn Female Ejaculation Tools

Fingers are great but there are some other powerful ways to excite the G-Spot. This page offers some great sex toys for female ejaculation practice.





But Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation EbookClick continue for the next page in the Female Ejaculation Guided Tour which continues with the overview of what's included.


Female Ejaculation Tour 1
Female Ejaculation Tour 2
Female Ejaculation Intro
Woman Ejaculation Benefits
What Is Squirting
Female Ejaculation Fluid
Premature Ejaculation
Female Ejaculation Orgasm
Female Ejaculation Pic
Feminine Ejaculation Muscles
Female Ejaculation Quiz
Learning Vaginal Ejaculation
G-Spot Female Ejaculation
Female G-Spot Massage
Female Ejaculation Tools
Female Ejaculation Video
Female Ejaculation DVD
Female Ejaculation Story-1
Female Ejaculation Story-2
Female Ejaculation Story-3
Female Ejaculation Story-4
Female Ejaculation Story-5
Female Ejaculation Story-6
Female Ejaculation Story-7
Female Ejaculation Story-8
Female Ejaculation Story-9
Female Ejaculation Picture
Female Ejaculation Photo

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