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Female Ejaculation Proves The Goddess Is Shakti

In contrast, for thousands for years, Tantra has viewed sex a divine gift and a pathway to higher consciousness. Own your pleasure and explore your sexuality fully, it says. By doing so, women discover their Goddess nature, their unlimited source of pure positive life force. The Tantric way is to refer to women and their orgasmic power as Shakti, the goddess whose power made Shiva, one of the principal Hindu gods, complete.

The goddess Shakti knows who she is without reservation, restriction, or inhibition. She uses her sexuality to expand her consciousness through relaxation, breathing. and self-love.

This requires total acceptance of her essence, her profound sexual power. When she surrenders to her ultimate pleasure, there is a melting and merging with the Divine as her ego disappears. She is pure ecstasy, embodied.

In this way, Shakti becomes a gateway for the flow of creativity. This creativity is powerful and transformative.

We Call Female Ejaculation "Amrita"

In such a high state, Shakti emits the divine nectar, which Tantrics call Amrita. Tradition says when she emits female ejaculation, there is purification of self. Amrita blesses and illuminates all it touches.

We know that the more often the Goddess enjoys ejaculation, the higher her orgasmic response, the more powerful and deeper her orgasms. This is how Shakti aligns with her higher sacred self through her indigenous orgasmic nature. Which is part of the reason Tantrikas hold orgasm as divine and ejaculation as sacred.

In spite of its long history, up until recently scientists didn't really know what female ejaculation was nor where it came from.

For the answer to make sense, you need to understand a little anatomy, specifically about the urethra, the canal that conducts urine out of the body. The urethra, which is about one to one and a half inches (2 to 3 cm) long, lies just above yoni's upper wall. It's surrounded by little glands and ducts called paraurethral glands which make the tissue spongy and can secrete fluid.

Now here's the good news. When sexually aroused, this sponge gets really swollen. Which, by the way, is what the G-Spot is. With the right kind of stimulation and response by the woman, she can expel this fluid from her urethral opening.

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