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Our Female Ejaculation Story

Dhyan Jeffre has always been a highly sexual woman and powerfully orgasmic. Since she practices and exercises frequently, she's developed extremely strong sexual muscles in her pelvis. The strength of these muscles determines the strength of a woman's orgasms and her ability to enjoy female ejaculation.

In the past, Jeffre always had orgasms by pulling inward with her pelvic muscles. It wasn't until she saw a film about female ejaculation that she realized that pulling in was actually retarding the female ejaculation response.

She and Somraj began practicing. It didn't take long, but it did take some dedicated practice before she learned how to let it happen. It took more practice for her to have the confidence that she could create female ejaculation regularly. Practice is an important key to the act and the confidence that goes with it. The more the Goddess practices, the more she can depend on her response and the more easily the Amrita flows begin.

Last Words About Female Ejaculation

As we said earlier, being able to flow female ejaculation at will won't make you a better lover or better person, but it will give you more options for playfulness and pleasure in your sexual journey. Female ejaculation is truly a yummy experience.

If you're aware that parts of the story are missing, you're right.

Most people need more detailed practice instructions. We're sorry we couldn't give you all the exercises here that you may need to find and properly stimulate your Sacred Gate. And make it gush. But have no fear. Our new ebook, "Buy Tantric G-Spot Orgasm Female Ejaculation E-BookTantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation," has the complete story.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that each Goddess is unique. You are unique as a person, who has an unique Yoni, who changes with the situation, and changes with the moment. All of this is to be honored and enjoyed.

Our Female Ejaculation Guided Tour wraps up with our photo album.


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