Tantra Newsletter: Erogenous Zones – Part 2 – Continued

Titillating LovePlay With The 33 Secondary Pleasure Triggers All Around Your Body

The first article in this series published December 1, 2016 presented the 19 primary erogenous zones around a woman’s jewels (genitals). You can read it here. Below is the second half of the second article in this series published December 15, 2016 in our Sacred Sexual Secrets newsletter. The first half of this article appeared here. Both are excerpted from our new ebook Long Hot Tantric Love Making.

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Whole Body LovePlay

Kissing all parts of the body can be divine, especially when you use your breath to warm each area first with your fingers lightly swirling all around. Alternating mouth and hand caresses can be a great combo, morphing into sensual and erotic massage which we’ll get to shortly. Let’s take a look at some moves that can fire delicious pleasure signals to your honey’s brain with  highly desirable consequences.

Head And Neck

Jeffre loves her neck kissed and licked slowly and languorously. The entire area between the jawline and shoulders is a delightful erogenous zone. Because the skin is thinner in the indentation where the neck connects with the collarbone, using your mouth and tongue here yields stronger sensations. Many lovers, especially guys, love their earlobes sucked a bit, a tongue plunged inside, and the outlines of their ears traced with the tip of a tongue. Somraj really gets off when his head is scratched. And once he was wowed by a lover who kissed him all over his face, forehead, and gently on his eyelids.

The Sides Of The Torso

There’s a powerful nerve that snakes from the bottom of the rib cage down to the hips. It’s powerful because when stimulated it connects directly to a woman’s clio (clitoris) or a man’s vajra (penis). Since this area can be pretty ticklish, kiss or massage it firmly and see if it doesn’t reflexively cause your baby’s pelvic-floor muscles to contract. This can cause luscious yoni and vajra, clio and testicle contractions. (We’ll discover soon how important those muscles are for turn-on and orgasm.) You can also lick, nibble, and stroke the torso sides separately and in all kinds of sequences.

The Back

Maybe because of a mild case of shingles some years ago, Somraj’s back is an intense pleasure zone. Well, many of us love back rubs of all kinds, but he especially delights from scratching. We’re not referring to a therapeutic massage here, but if that’s what gets your blood boiling, go for it. You can start by kneading the neck and shoulders but switch to a lighter stroke lower down. The base of the spine, the sacrum, has a knob that’s rife with many sensitive nerves. Lightly spiral baby kisses or soft finger brushes to trigger some thrilling chills. And while we’re at it, don’t miss your sweetie’s bum. You can give intense pleasure with a little kissing, scratching, or deep kneading on the derriere cheeks.

The Hands And Feet

Obviously the hands and feet are way sensitive due to all the nerve endings there. Holding hands is a lovely way to connect and is probably more popular than playing footsie which shouldn’t be ignored. Stroking and kneading your sweetie’s hands is a really sensual way to get them to want more. There was a period when we used to start every lovemaking session with a firm and oily foot massage. Adding in licking and sucking fingers and toes is way hot, too, preferably without massage oil. Jeffre still raves about a Thumbgasm she had some years ago from the sensuous sucking by a dedicated admirer.

The Breasts

Women’s breasts are a robust pleasure zone. The nipples and areolae, the pigmented circle around the nipples, are sensitive and erectile. Since they’re designed for sucking, it can be orgasmic. Reports of Breastgasms are quite common from highly sensual females. But it takes communication and experimentation. Women differ in the type and pressure of breast contact they respond to. It seems to depend on where they are in their monthly cycle and their level of arousal in each different moment. Jeffre likes them held and kneaded gently before moving to the nipples. Sometimes Somraj likes his nipples flicked, licked, pulled, and sucked, too. We’ll devote more attention to breasts when we deal with Add-Ons, delightful things you can do while locked in a lovemaking embrace.

The Inner Thighs

We bet you know how electrifying it can be to sensuously kiss or caress the inner thighs. Not only are they the gateway to your jewels, but they’re serviced by one of the most explosive nerves in the body. Start kissing, nuzzling, or stroking from close to the knee and slowly draw your contact upwards. Try this with a wet finger and then the tip of your tongue for an unforgettable experience. LovePlay up the inner thighs is well known for making lovers pant and feel delectable spasms in their crotch. Because this is a highly sensitive area, be careful you don’t make your attentions too ticklish.

The Chakras

An electrifying way to open your partner’s energy channels is by activating their seven chakras. One method is to lightly kiss your partner’s chakras beginning with the seventh (at the top of the head) and ending with the first (the Perineum, between jewels and anus). Or you can start at the bottom and work your way up. Since the chakras extend front and back, this kind of contact can be done with your partner lying on their stomach or back or both. During our formative Tantra training we were given a jar of sweet-smelling chakra balm that we anointed each other with before making love. If you want to be more elaborate, you can kiss a chakra and then lovingly tell your partner what you adore about that particular kind of energy they represent.

Among the fun forms of loveplay we’ve suggested are kissing, licking, sucking, caressing, fingering, flicking, tapping, nuzzling, stroking, scratching, kneading, grabbing, and pulling. By all means try any of them cautiously on all parts of your sweetie’s body. This list may not include kinkier LovePlay with other places like the armpits. How do you think your playmate would like you nibbling, kissing, and licking them all over? To get an accurate reading of your partner’s desire, ask them to demonstrate how they wish to be touched.

Remember to keep changing what you’re doing as unexpected contact can generate sparks to increase the excitement. You can also try lightly grazing your cheek against the areas above and then tracing your tongue along the same path. And let’s not forget brushing your hair against your lucky playmate’s skin before you switch to gently raking your fingernails to deepen the sensation. Oh, we forgot to mention giving hickies. Well, it was popular when we were teenagers.

Kama Sutra Embraces

There is no order of precedence for kissing, scratching, or biting, because they involve passion. They are generally used before sex, and slapping and moaning during sex. 

Kamasutra translated by Wendy Doniger & Sudhir Kakar

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the Kama Sutra, the erotic Hindu love manual. Most have, thanks to the courageous translation of Sir Richard Burton during the 19th century. He was a much earlier nobleman with the same name as the well-known modern English actor.

Secret Tantric writings addressed working with all energies — body, mind, emotion, spirit — as a path to enlightenment. In contrast, the Kama Sutra was merely a compilation of the sexual customs of upper-class Indians. It was written by a religious scholar named Vatsyayana who lived in Pataliputra, India sometime between 200 and 500 AD.

His guide was meticulous and graphic about many things most people are too embarrassed to talk about today, such as…

Kama Sutra Kissing

The Kama Sutra gave instructions about the different varieties from quick pecking to deep vibrant to slow rubbing in different positions and situations. Vatsyayana suggests trying dry and wet, hard and soft, licking and sucking, long and short, nibbling and holding. Both the body and lips were fair game.

Kama Sutra Licking

Licking is juicy fun. Try many of the same variations mentioned in kissing. Try them all over. Some women especially like it really sloppy wet. Slow is the key to ecstasy by licking.

Kama Sutra Sucking And Squeezing

Remember how you liked getting hickeys when you were a teenager? The edge of pain can be very arousing for many especially if feeling naughty excites you. Visit the same spots you kissed and licked with your whole mouth and apply a little suction. You can also squeeze when you suck with your lips, your fingers, your hands, your arms, your legs, and your yoni.

Kama Sutra Scratching

The Kama Sutra gave explicit instructions for using your fingernails to make eight different shapes on the chin, lips, armpits, breasts, neck, back, thighs, Mound of Venus, and between the legs. Scratching isn’t something you’ll want to do all the time. It’s best when your sexual energy is fierce, otherwise it may be too much. The teeth can be used for scratching as well. Just be cautious if you choose to try it on your guy’s vajra unless you know he gets off on it. Somraj really hates it.

Kama Sutra Biting

The Kama Sutra advised lovers to bite everywhere that kissing, licking, sucking, and scratching was well received. It listed eight different kinds of bites from light to medium to strong and anywhere in between. The Indian love guide instructed lovers to bite hard enough to leave marks — esteemed souvenirs — all around the breast in an even pattern.

Some of these practices can become very intense. It’s important for a giver to consider the sensory intensity of what they’re doing to the receiver. Stroking and caressing are mild, while tickling and cupping can be a bit more stimulating. Licking, squeezing, and gripping are stronger, while sucking, gripping, pinching, and pulling are even more so. Scratching, biting, and slapping are obviously the most intense.

For all these embraces, please be careful and start very gently. Back off if your partner seems to tense up or resist it. Always let the receiver be the guide. We offer this spectrum of LovePlay techniques in the same spirit that Vatsyayana did centuries ago. He didn’t insist that every lover always used every technique. For example, slapping is mentioned various places in the Kama Sutra but not described as a primary technique.

Exercise: LovePlay


The purpose of this partner exercise is to experiment with LovePlay in a conscious and premeditated way.


  1. Create a Sacred Space, discuss the Partnering Questions, and do a Heart Bonding to insure everything you do is consensual.
  2. Start with kissing.
  3. Use your mouth, lips, and tongue to explore all over your sweetie’s body.
  4. Try licking all the parts you kissed. Use the tip of your tongue in lines and circles, and then the flat part in different sequences. You might even use the sides. There’s a famous oral sex trick you can try if you’re game, spelling out the letters of the alphabet with your tongue in various spots.
  5. Take another tour around your lover’s divine landscape by sucking and squeezing, playing with different strengths of suction and pressure.
  6. Experiment with biting, scratching, and slapping if you want to go further. Start by gently applying your teeth in all manner of places on your beloved’s body. At first, stop short of leaving any marks, but if welcomed, you can gradually use more pressure. Just be careful not to break the skin when you leave some hickey souvenirs.
  7. Scratch with your nails wherever it’s safe or requested. Test out different strokes, long and short, hard and soft, fast and slow, to discover what the different parts of your beloved’s body prefers. You can also use your teeth in certain spots to scratch.
  8. Experiment with a little spanking. Some lovers find a healthy slap on the rump can be an amazing turn-on. You want to start by gently tapping different parts of your playmate’s body with your fingertips. As you increase the force and speed of your taps, notice what spots can take more. Then play around with slapping using your flat fingers, your palm, and the back of your hand. Aficionados of BDSM (bondage, domination, sadism, and masochism) use crops, whips, clips, and paddles in elaborately choreographed rituals to reach extraordinary altered states.
  9. Combine kissing, licking, sucking, biting, scratching, and slapping in creative ways.


As the Kama Sutra has taught us, LovePlay applied with consciousness and sensitivity can be a true art form.


This article was excerpted from the introduction to Chapter 7 of our new ebook Long Hot Tantric Love Making.

Look forward to the third article in this series about the 9 primary erogenous zones spread  around men’s bodies.

Love, Somraj & Jeffre



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