9 Ways to Steer Sex, A Different Kind of Orgasm, Unexpected Ways to Orgasm

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Your Erotic Self, 8 Male Orgasms, 8 Female Orgasms

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Sex Games, Talking About Sex, What Turns You On

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Earth-Shattering Orgasm, How Cock Size Really Matters, Married Women Want to Step Out, Too

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Sexual Inventory: A Great Tool for Taking Charge of your Own Pleasure

Enthusiastic consent to sexual play is essential for empowered pleasure that prevents abuse. Here is a great tool developed for teens but seems totally applicable for all kinds of lovers. It’s a list of all sorts of intimate activities, a long one to be sure, that you can study or check off yourself. Even better, go over it with your partner to let each other know what you need and want in bed.

Yes, No, Maybe So: A Sexual Inventory Stocklist | Scarleteen

Slow Sex, Clitoral vs. G-Spot Orgasms, Sexual Fantasies

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Reimagine Sexual Consent, Be More Sex-Positive, the Male Orgasm

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Meditate During Orgasm, Oral Sex for Him, Sure You’re Sex-Positive?

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Kegels for Guys, Orgasm Every Time, Communicate in Bed

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7 Chakra Love, Good Oral Sex, Slut Manifesto

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How To Raise Your Erotic Consciousness by Making Love On The 7  Chakras (A limited intro to this powerful practice. Many more things you can do at each level but a good start to expanding your secpxaul energy connection.)

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