Tantra Newsletter (explicit): How Freely Do You Share Sweet Everythings?

Sexual Communication Tips to Help Make Sex Supernatural

“You really turn me on!”

Don’t you love hearing sweet words like that while you’re flirting, texting, hanging out, and making love? We sure do.

In the Supernatural Sex universe, we don’t call them sweet nothings. They’re much too important to view them as nothings. Because they’re so valuable, we refer to them as sweet everythings.

This name change should be easy to digest if love means everything to you. And if it doesn’t, it might well be crucial to keep your sweetie hot and happy. So here’s a little primer on sharing sweet everythings to keep your sex and love passionate, alive, and growing.

Though we’re going to focus on words here, we don’t believe that unsolicited dick pics or the feminine equivalents are sweet nothings. It’s the sentiment, the intention, the emotion that counts.

Disclaimer: Some of the language that follows is ultra raunchy. If explicit sexual talk isn’t your thing, you might want to skip this article. But if talking dirty turns you on, continue and enjoy.

Express Your Love

= = = = = = = = = = =

Undoubtedly love is the most prevalent inspiration for songs and movies. The underlying intention of all sweet everythings is to express your care, affection, and devotion for your beloved. That’s why saying “I love you” is the preeminent endearment.

When you fall in love, everything about your honey or hunk is perfect. So be sure to voice what you see…

“Looking at your body makes me wet/hard.”

“You’re really my type.”

“Your arms and shoulders are so strong.”

“Your curves are perfect.”

“When I see you walk, my wildest fantasies come to life.”

And what’s in your heart…

“Just being next to you makes my heart swoon.”

“I’m so joyous when you take time our of your busy day to text me.”

“I feel complete when we’re together.”

And what you hear…

“I love hearing your voice.”

“The way you sigh when I touch you tickles me deep.”

“When I put my mouth on your jewels (genitals), I love how you moan and roar for me.”

Everyone wants to be wanted. Letting your desire show is a powerful aphrodisiac…

“I really want you.”

“Your body turns me on.”

“I can’t keep my hands off you.”

Many women and men are self-conscious about the look and size of their jewels. Even if you’re not, it’s always great when your lover applauds your anatomy. How about…

“Do you mind that I can’t keep my hands off your beautiful breasts?”

“I love the way your cock gets hard and points up at me.”

“Your pussy is so beautiful like a blossoming flower.”

Don’t forget to share your feelings in the moment. This is one powerful secret to showing up as real, authentic, and transparent.

“I love your hands on my body.”

“Your touch is electric.”

“Your cock is work of art.”

What Fragrances Turn You On and Off?

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Another emotionally sensitive area is smell. Look, you need to really be in your body to enjoy magical pleasure. And even freshly washed bodies sometimes emit odors from armpits and feet that only our dogs relish.

We’re not suggesting you lie and say “I love the way your farts or burps or breath smells” when you don’t. But saying “whoops” or “sorry” until you both fully accept each others’ humanness is probably better. Being sweet and real includes asking your playmate to wash, brush teeth, or apply deodorant when it helps.

Still, some lovers like the smell of their  partner’s armpits, crotch, or feet. True love has no bounds. One person’s outlandish fetish is another’s routine turn-on or absolute no-way boundary. Thats why it’s so powerful when you can honestly say things like…

“I love the way your body smells.”

“Your pussy’s sweet fragrance makes me swoon.”

“The aroma your package sends off is so manly.”

Sure, shampoo or perfume or deodorant may add an odor preferable that masks B.O. or dirty feet. But in Tantra we avoid manufactured fragrances and go for the pheromones inherent in freshly bathed bodies.

While we’re talking about bodies, we must address how fluid friendly you are. Again, bodies secrete liquids that are natural. Armpits sweat, vaginas lubricate, and penises ejaculate. And other things that are best confined to the toilet except for those whose kinks are extreme. (If that’s your thing, we suggest you read the Marquis de Sade’s memoirs. That’s the French nobleman whose name was turned into sadism.)

We’re not suggesting that true love requires exchanging golden showers (peeing on each other). We’re saying that stuff happens and acknowledge it. If you love your baby’s manly or feminine odor, say it. If you revel if your sexual escapades making each other perspire, enjoy the sweat and express it.

Cum Play Isn’t For Everyone. Is it Fun For You?

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Lots of porn promotes cum play, especially bukake, the Japanese word commonly used for ejaculating on a woman’s face. Again, we’re not trying to convince you to enjoy what you don’t. But the popularity of cum play demonstrates that it’s a thing that turns some people on. Yeah, even some women. If it does, don’t hesitate to say things like…

“I want you to cum all over my breasts.”

“I swallow because I love how your cum tastes.”

Women ejaculate, too. We even wrote a book about it some years ago entitled Female Ejaculation. Though it’s not universally accepted by the medical profession yet, there are reports from many sources modern and ancient to substantiate it. Not just adult web sites.

In Tantra we celebrate amrita, the sweet nectar of the goddess, when a woman expels this ambrosia which is chemically distinct from urine. Out of this form of celebration comes sweet everythings like…

“You’re so wet.”

“I love it when you squirt.”

“Honey, please shower me with your divine amrita.”

After years of exchanging sweet everythings during jewel union (sexual intercourse), we regularly express the details of how great it feels.

“I love the way your cock feels inside me.”

“I love the way your pussy wraps around my cock and squeezes it.”

“You sure know how to hit/grab all the right spots.”

Many of the above sayings were inspired by the great book Making Love by the now passed Tantra teacher named Barry Long. Barry urged lovers to talk continuously sharing what they’re experiencing during sex. While we applaud this kind of openness, we find it sometimes puts you in your head when you want to focus on the delicious feelings in your body. So we only advocate the Share Everything Style for practice or when needed to increase intimacy.

Some Final Things to Watch Out For

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Before we finish, there are some limitations to mention. Comparisons rarely come across well. Comparing like “Your breasts are the biggest I’ve every held” or “Your cock is smaller than I’m used to” isn’t recommended. Be in the present moment with your lover and tune out your memories.

Be sincere. A savvy lover can smell bullshit a mile away. And when your personal spaces are merged, lies flash like a neon sign in the dark.

What you say during the throes of lovemaking proves how loving and sex positive you are. So be real and mean it. The more you say, the more intimacy you’ll create. And the more you’ll keep your heart connection alive and thriving.

Love, Somraj

P.S. Before we go, we should mention that the spirit of this article comes from our new book, Tantric Pathways to Supernatural Sex. It’s slated for publication next summer by Llewellyn Worldwide.

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