Making the Most of our Long-Lasting Energy Engine

We had a delicious longie last night. We spent the first few hours working on our relationship so we only had time for one uninterrupted round of intense lovemaking. But it was nearly two hours and way hot.

If you know anything about Tantra, you’ll understand that we could only enjoy such extended jewel union (sexual intercourse) by heightening our excitement and spreading the sexual energy all over our bodies. We didn’t push for the Big O or even have one (well, until the next day and that was fantastic). But each of us sure had lots of different kinds of climaxes.

That’s why we call Tantric Love Making orgasmic sex. That’s when sex feels like a continuous orgasm.

I realized something about what we were doing that we’ll need to add to our new Long Hot Tantric Love Making ebook. We were using the in-and-out sexual stroking of our jewels to generate kundalini. That’s the ancient name for sexual and orgasmic energy. Over and over we pumped a little and then directed the blossoms of kundalini to expand and fill our whole bodies.

Instead of trying to come or help our partner over the edge which usually ends our playtime prematurely, the thrusting of our jewels served as a kundalini production engine. In other words, each sexual stroke was like another shovel of coal into the boiler. Then we instinctively channeled the passion everywhere and exchanged it to ramp our fire at up even higher.

Moving our feet and spreading our knees attracted the excitement to our legs. Pulsing our pelvic muscles pumped kundalini upwards to our torsos. Sounding opened our chests and throats to attract more sizzling sensations. Undulating loosened our torsos and necks letting our heads fill. And of course there were powerful ways we used our breath and minds to make us feel like we were coming everywhere over and over.

These are the simple-to-learn tools of running energy. That’s a major theme of what we teach in Long Hot Tantric Love Making.  Download your copy now by clicking here if you can’t wait to learn it.

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