9 Easy Ways to Have Tantric Sex

by Mandar Tantra
November 28, 2016 · Nasik, India


A lot of people are turned off by tantric sex without ever really knowing exactly what it is and how it’s done. They associate it with 10 hour long sex sessions, kink or new-age type thinking and assume, “it’s not for me.” But tantric sex is actually a lot different than you think. Practicing tantric sex doesn’t have to mean all day sex session,although it can and you both would love it! But with busy lives you can easily incorporate tantric practices into your lives. You’ll see a huge improvement in your sex life and your relationship. Here’s how to do it:

1. Tantric sex is a form of meditation – I know what you’re probably thinking, “wait, there’s that new age stuff I was worried about!” but hear me out. This isn’t the kind of mediation you’re thinking of, after all, this involves getting intimate with your partner. The fact is proven now that meditation reduces stress and increases your focus. Both of those things lead to better, more pleasurable sex.

2. The brain is your biggest and most important sex organ – If you’re not convinced that your head need to be in the right place to have good sex, consider the following. Many sexual dysfunctions in both men and women can be attributed to psychological issues. I’m not talking about major psychological problems, I’m saying that your brain can easily block you from having an orgasm, getting an erection, lasting longer and enjoying sex to the fullest overall. Therefore, the first thing you need to take care of when it comes to sex is your brain (and your partner’s, of course).

3. Let go of expectations – Most sex these days is completely focused on unrealistic expectations. We’re so caught up in these expectations that we forget to actually enjoy what we’re doing. Some common expectations involve how long it should last, the best positions, the best techniques, how it should feel, and that you and your partner will have an orgasm. We are overly focused on the “goals” of sex and aren’t paying enough attention to the journey. Try forgetting about all of those expectations and notice how much more pleasurable sex becomes.

4. Get to know your own body – Another thing we often focus on is our partner’s body and how she/he is feeling. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to make sure you consider your partner’s experience and want to please her/him, but you don’t want to focus on this to the point where you forget about enjoying your own bodily sensations. Most people touch themselves with one main goal in mind, to have an orgasm and little else. Having that orgasm is just fine, but next time you self-pleasure, take time to really get to know your body and what you like. Being in tune will not only help you enjoy sex more, but it will also make you a better lover.

5. Slow WAY down – Did you know that thrusting away fast and hard can often lessen the sensations that you and your partner feel? In tantric sex it’s all about going slow. A tantric expert once told me to average 3 thrusts/strokes for every 30 you would normally do. It might be impossible, hard or just downright boring, but slowing way down will actually make you feel and enjoy the sensations more.

6. Entice all 5 senses – Don’t just pay attention to the sense of touch, but also take into account ways to excite your sense of smell, hearing, taste, and sight. Tantric sex is a holistic experience.

7. Keep your eyes open – Part of tantric sex is gazing into your partner’s eyes. This might feel uncomfortable at first and you might even experience some embarrassed laughter. That’s ok! Sex should be fun and not take that seriously. But do keep your eyes open the whole time. After a while it will stop feeling uncomfortable and you will start feeling more connected to your partner.

8. Focus on what is happening – Instead of getting caught up in thoughts about how long you will last, if your partner will notice that you’ve gained weight, or if you’re big enough for her, just focus on exactly what it happening in the moment. Focus on your feelings and the sensations in your body.

9. Breathe – If you have heard anything about tantric sex before, this is probably one that you are familiar with. Many people hold their breath during sex and especially as they’re approaching orgasm. But you actually want to do the complete opposite. Take deep breaths from your belly. This will help blood flow throughout your body and into your genitals, making the sensations and orgasm more intense.

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Only that person reaches the temple who goes there not for asking, but for thanking. The day you are full of gratitude — flowers blossom and you are thankful, it rains from the clouds and you are thankful, a child shouts with joy and you are thankful, even your breathing, your being is so peaceful that you feel thankful –this state of gratitude, this feeling of thankfulness which is within you day and night is actually the song of the divine. — OSHO

Solo Sexual Energy Circles

lhtlmcover4 One of the advanced ecstatic practices in our new ebook Long Hot Tantric Love Making is creating energy circles. We’re of course referring to channels of orgasmic energy or what the ancients dubbed kundalini.

An energy circle is a loop of kundalini between two lovers. For example, when your jewels (genitals) are stroking and your hands are on each other’s heart, passion can cycle back and forth between your jewel and hand channels. Or when you’re making love and looking into each other’s eyes, a similar circular flow can really boost your excitement.

Our new ebook also encourages all lovers to self-pleasure. Making love to yourself with your hands or toys, though different, generates lots of kundalini, too. And it’s a great way to learn what moves your energy so you can guide your lover to help you reach higher orgasmic peaks.

So I was self-pleasuring the other day and found my body filling with bristling kundalini all over. That was when I inadvertently did something I’d never done consciously before: I touched my feet together. Instantly a new channel opened and kundalini streamed down my legs, from one foot to another, and back upwards. If you’ve every felt orgasmic energy streaming inside your body, you realize how ecstatic that can be.

Then I tried it while Jeffre and I were making love and once again it boosted the flow of passion inside me. Come to think of it, sometimes we’ve gotten extra turned-on when our feet have touched but we never really concentrated on it. I think we have a fun new thing to practice. I’ll let you know how it goes.


I was writing this post yesterday about erogenous zones, those 28 primary (around the genitals) spots and 33 secondary (other places around the body) spots that are sensitive to sexual stimulation and create fountains of pleasure if you treat them right. My spelling checker (or maybe just my too-big-fingers) kept writing “erogenius.”

So I started thinking maybe it’s a message from my inner being or some higher power (do you believe in those things?) trying to alert me to the next big thing.


That would a lover who is a genius at giving and receiving erotic highs. We’re talking about someone with exceptional creative ability to create and enjoy sexual pleasure. I think ero-geniuses have to be able to reach remarkable heights of passion themselves as well as triggering those in their playmates.

Isn’t that something we all aspire to? Well maybe the universe is trying to tell me that I should retitle our new ebook Long Hot Tantric Love Making “How To Become An Erogenious.” It is the world’s most complete how-to guide about getting the most out of all those 61 erogenious zones.

What at do you think?

My Balls, A New Erogenous Zone?

We make a big deal in our new Long Hot Tantric Love Making ebook about “add-ons.”  Those are erogenous zones that you stimulate while making love. Some common examples are kissing and breast play during jewel union. (We call the genitals “jewels” so this is our Tantric name for intercourse.)

One of my favorites is ball brushing.  You know, lightly scratching or caressing the testicles. For me and most guys too much sudden pressure hurts so I’m just talking about gentle brushing. It really boosts the excitement in my jewels while thrusting in and out.

Add-ons open channels that orgasmic energy can flow in and spread to more parts of the body.  They activate other erogenous zones in addition to the main ones involved in other kinds of jewel sex  Erogenous zones, by the way, are sensitive areas of the body that turn you on when played with. In our new ebook we’ve mapped out all 28 of the primary ones and dozens of erotic things to do with each.

Maybe the most important add-on for women is clitoral play during jewel union. Certainly that’s a female erogenous zone you don’t want to leave out if orgasms are important to her.

Anyway, ball brushing has really been adding great passion to jewel union, receiving blowjobs, and self-pleasuring. I guess the old rule about practice makes perfect is at work here,  My balls have been getting more and more sensitive and generating more and more turn-on.

And then a couple of weeks ago I discovered that ball brushing was catapulting me to high peaks of pleasure all by itself. Now I haven’t actually come this way alone but that’s not something I do very often anyway.

Tantric LoveMaking is all about making it last by generating and maintaining more sexual energy. Add-Ona during sex helps.  Now me and my partners have something fun to do with a fee hand while we’re doing it. I wonder what other parts of my body I can activate?