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Tantra Newsletter (explicit): How Freely Do You Share Sweet Everythings?

Sexual Communication Tips to Help Make Sex Supernatural

“You really turn me on!”

Don’t you love hearing sweet words like that while you’re flirting, texting, hanging out, and making love? We sure do.

In the Supernatural Sex universe, we don’t call them sweet nothings. They’re much too important to view them as nothings. Because they’re so valuable, we refer to them as sweet everythings.

This name change should be easy to digest if love means everything to you. And if it doesn’t, it might well be crucial to keep your sweetie hot and happy. So here’s a little primer on sharing sweet everythings to keep your sex and love passionate, alive, and growing.

Though we’re going to focus on words here, we don’t believe that unsolicited dick pics or the feminine equivalents are sweet nothings. It’s the sentiment, the intention, the emotion that counts.

Disclaimer: Some of the language that follows is ultra raunchy. If explicit sexual talk isn’t your thing, you might want to skip this article. But if talking dirty turns you on, continue and enjoy.

Express Your Love

= = = = = = = = = = =

Undoubtedly love is the most prevalent inspiration for songs and movies. The underlying intention of all sweet everythings is to express your care, affection, and devotion for your beloved. That’s why saying “I love you” is the preeminent endearment.

When you fall in love, everything about your honey or hunk is perfect. So be sure to voice what you see…

“Looking at your body makes me wet/hard.”

“You’re really my type.”

“Your arms and shoulders are so strong.”

“Your curves are perfect.”

“When I see you walk, my wildest fantasies come to life.”

And what’s in your heart…

“Just being next to you makes my heart swoon.”

“I’m so joyous when you take time our of your busy day to text me.”

“I feel complete when we’re together.”

And what you hear…

“I love hearing your voice.”

“The way you sigh when I touch you tickles me deep.”

“When I put my mouth on your jewels (genitals), I love how you moan and roar for me.”

Everyone wants to be wanted. Letting your desire show is a powerful aphrodisiac…

“I really want you.”

“Your body turns me on.”

“I can’t keep my hands off you.”

Many women and men are self-conscious about the look and size of their jewels. Even if you’re not, it’s always great when your lover applauds your anatomy. How about…

“Do you mind that I can’t keep my hands off your beautiful breasts?”

“I love the way your cock gets hard and points up at me.”

“Your pussy is so beautiful like a blossoming flower.”

Don’t forget to share your feelings in the moment. This is one powerful secret to showing up as real, authentic, and transparent.

“I love your hands on my body.”

“Your touch is electric.”

“Your cock is work of art.”

What Fragrances Turn You On and Off?

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Another emotionally sensitive area is smell. Look, you need to really be in your body to enjoy magical pleasure. And even freshly washed bodies sometimes emit odors from armpits and feet that only our dogs relish.

We’re not suggesting you lie and say “I love the way your farts or burps or breath smells” when you don’t. But saying “whoops” or “sorry” until you both fully accept each others’ humanness is probably better. Being sweet and real includes asking your playmate to wash, brush teeth, or apply deodorant when it helps.

Still, some lovers like the smell of their  partner’s armpits, crotch, or feet. True love has no bounds. One person’s outlandish fetish is another’s routine turn-on or absolute no-way boundary. Thats why it’s so powerful when you can honestly say things like…

“I love the way your body smells.”

“Your pussy’s sweet fragrance makes me swoon.”

“The aroma your package sends off is so manly.”

Sure, shampoo or perfume or deodorant may add an odor preferable that masks B.O. or dirty feet. But in Tantra we avoid manufactured fragrances and go for the pheromones inherent in freshly bathed bodies.

While we’re talking about bodies, we must address how fluid friendly you are. Again, bodies secrete liquids that are natural. Armpits sweat, vaginas lubricate, and penises ejaculate. And other things that are best confined to the toilet except for those whose kinks are extreme. (If that’s your thing, we suggest you read the Marquis de Sade’s memoirs. That’s the French nobleman whose name was turned into sadism.)

We’re not suggesting that true love requires exchanging golden showers (peeing on each other). We’re saying that stuff happens and acknowledge it. If you love your baby’s manly or feminine odor, say it. If you revel if your sexual escapades making each other perspire, enjoy the sweat and express it.

Cum Play Isn’t For Everyone. Is it Fun For You?

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Lots of porn promotes cum play, especially bukake, the Japanese word commonly used for ejaculating on a woman’s face. Again, we’re not trying to convince you to enjoy what you don’t. But the popularity of cum play demonstrates that it’s a thing that turns some people on. Yeah, even some women. If it does, don’t hesitate to say things like…

“I want you to cum all over my breasts.”

“I swallow because I love how your cum tastes.”

Women ejaculate, too. We even wrote a book about it some years ago entitled Female Ejaculation. Though it’s not universally accepted by the medical profession yet, there are reports from many sources modern and ancient to substantiate it. Not just adult web sites.

In Tantra we celebrate amrita, the sweet nectar of the goddess, when a woman expels this ambrosia which is chemically distinct from urine. Out of this form of celebration comes sweet everythings like…

“You’re so wet.”

“I love it when you squirt.”

“Honey, please shower me with your divine amrita.”

After years of exchanging sweet everythings during jewel union (sexual intercourse), we regularly express the details of how great it feels.

“I love the way your cock feels inside me.”

“I love the way your pussy wraps around my cock and squeezes it.”

“You sure know how to hit/grab all the right spots.”

Many of the above sayings were inspired by the great book Making Love by the now passed Tantra teacher named Barry Long. Barry urged lovers to talk continuously sharing what they’re experiencing during sex. While we applaud this kind of openness, we find it sometimes puts you in your head when you want to focus on the delicious feelings in your body. So we only advocate the Share Everything Style for practice or when needed to increase intimacy.

Some Final Things to Watch Out For

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Before we finish, there are some limitations to mention. Comparisons rarely come across well. Comparing like “Your breasts are the biggest I’ve every held” or “Your cock is smaller than I’m used to” isn’t recommended. Be in the present moment with your lover and tune out your memories.

Be sincere. A savvy lover can smell bullshit a mile away. And when your personal spaces are merged, lies flash like a neon sign in the dark.

What you say during the throes of lovemaking proves how loving and sex positive you are. So be real and mean it. The more you say, the more intimacy you’ll create. And the more you’ll keep your heart connection alive and thriving.

Love, Somraj

P.S. Before we go, we should mention that the spirit of this article comes from our new book, Tantric Pathways to Supernatural Sex. It’s slated for publication next summer by Llewellyn Worldwide.

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Your Tantra Newsletter: How to Make Sex Supernatural – 2

The 3-Step Formula to Turn Ordinary Sex Into Something Magical Every Time

In last month’s article (which you can find here), we began explaining how to make sex supernatural. Here’s the second half of the story.

We ended that newsletter by introducing you to the 20 sweets spots  (erogenous zones) that men have around their jewels (genitals) and the 30 that women have around their jewels.

One of the reasons that many lovers never stumble upon these secrets is because about half of those 50 sweet spots are inside your jewels. But once you read our new book, Tantric Pathways to Supernatural Sex, you’ll know how to find and excite them all by hand, mouth, or jewel union.


“Sacred Sexual Secrets” Newsletter #298 published 10/25/18

Published by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees

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You probably figured out that jewel union means when your genitals are coupled during sexual intercourse. One of the reasons we wrote our latest spiritual sex how-to guide is to guide lovers to make jewel union supernatural. It seems that the authors of most sex books shy away from detailing the mechanics and metaphysics of sexual intercourse. But that’s not the Tantric way.

The Tantric way is to accept all of life, raise your consciousness of what’s really going on inside your body, and face it in all its beauty and everything else that comes up. When you confront the realities of jewel union, only then can you make your sex supernatural.

The Trick of Extending Your Play

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Don’t get the idea that improving your sex life is only about techniques like fiddling with a dozen or two new sweet spots. It’s even more about your spiritual connection which shows up as sexual energy.

In the first half of this article, we explained what you would gain when you delay explosive orgasm. What seems to happen is that you ascend to a different playing field. As you build instead of waste kundalini, you’re transported from a monotonous plain to a high, lush mountain valley.

In this ecstatic valley you have the time to discover and trigger more and more sweet spots. You play with the energy back and forth. You surf up and down waves of passion. You get to enjoy multiple orgasms of all 12 special varieties that our new Tantric sex manual details.

You just can’t do that when ordinary sex lasts only seven minutes. That’s the average duration of modern lovemaking substantiated by many research studies.

The challenge of orgasmic surfing is handling those intense sudden peaks of pleasure without losing it. That’s why we teach that the skill of peaking is paramount in Supernatural Sex. The street name for this is edging which means backing way from the brink of the cliff.

When you can relax at a peak multiple times, you’re actually dancing on the verge of orgasm. That’s where the kundalini currents and their delicious sensations are strongest. Which is why supernatural lovers prefer to surf from peak to peak endlessly.

Kundalini governs how much pleasure you create and how good it feels. The way kundalini behaves closely resembles that of electricity. That’s why the subtitle of our new book is “A Groundbreaking Look at the Chemistry of Sexual Electricity.”

Only when you enter the lofty valley beyond quick release can you play with these electrical circuits. You can charge your sweet spots and hook them up with hot links. You can connect them with your partner’s erogenous zones using passion circuits and energy circles.

Do your remember from highsschool science that flowing electrons produce a magnetic field? In much the same way, moving kundalini creates forces of attraction between your bodies. That’s what we mean by the chemistry of sexual electricity.

Your Sexual Battery

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Think about your body as a sexual battery. The more kundalini you generate, the more erotic charge you pump into your battery. If it’s hard to visualize a battery inside your crotch, think of your sexual battery as a “pleasure balloon.”

Your pleasure balloon is a bubble of kundalini that’s normally dormant at the base of your spine. When you get turned on, your sexual energy fills this bubble and the balloon expands. Fill your pleasure balloon all the way and you can immerse yourself in a series of full-body orgasms.

When your tank is full, you can trigger two or more sweet spots at once for blended orgasms. Men can climax repeatedly without ejaculation so they can keep on keeping on. And women can release female ejaculation to supercharge their already mind-boggling orgasms.

More importantly, when both of your pleasure balloons are full of pulsing erotic charge, you can energize your jewel union into an amazing ecstatic experience. The true magic of Supernatural Sex occurs through exchanging kundalini at all seven of your chakras.

If that’s a new term to you, the chakras are the seven energy centers from the base of the spine to the top of the head. They collect, store, and distribute different frequencies of kundalini that regulate your body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Of course, if you come too quickly your balloon pops and spills all that erotic juice before you can take full advantage of it.

There’s no reason why your pleasure balloon can’t expand beyond the borders of your physical body. Filling your bubble with that much kundalini takes time which is why Supernatural Sex lasts longer than ordinary sex. When you do, your pleasure balloon can merge with that of your beloved.

That’s where you begin to experience some of the most mystical dimensions of Supernatural Sex. Merging your bio-energetic forcefields catapults you into orbit together with your hearts fully open. You leave the ordinary world behind and soar in an altered space together. You’re bathed in pure unconditional love and feel one with the universe.

Now doesn’t that all sound worth a little sexual practice?

Print publishing being what it is, we’re afraid that you’ll have to wait until next summer for your copy of Tantric Pathways to Supernatural Sex. But there’s no reason why you can’t start practicing Supernatural Sex right now with the above tips. Stay tuned with this monthly newsletter and more frequent blog here http://tantraattahoe.com/blog/ for more advice and techniques before publication.

We’d love to hear of how it’s working for you and answer your questions, too.

Love, Somraj and Jeffre


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Help Your Man Last Longer in Bed: 9 Tips to Make Sex Orgasmic for Both of You

Many surveys show that sex averages 5 to 10 minutes max. If you’re a woman, that usually isn’t enough to bring you to orgasm. Women need at least 20 minutes but usually 40 or more. If you’re a man, coming in a few minutes can be fun. But wouldn’t you want to maintain the level of pleasure that you feel just before you orgasm for an hour or more?

After years in the 5 to 10 minute zone, Tantra taught me how to last as long as we both want. But I’m a highly-sensitive man and it takes two to Tantra for a long time. My first Tantric Sex book, Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery, laid out the complete program of solo exercises for men.

But neither of you can make it happen by yourself. You have to learn how to share the power so you both get what you need. And since pleasure is a moving target, you’ve got to stay in the now and and learn to roll with the punches gracefully.

That starts by dropping the myth that the man is always in charge of making his lover orgasm. It takes teamwork and partnership. You both have to be more conscious of what you and your lover are feeling in each moment. You both have to be more expressive with words and body language. And that’s not much good unless you both pay attention to what’s happening with your partner as well as yourself.

For example, when I’m getting real close to coming, my wife knows it. She slows down when I need to. When she’s climbing, I find a way to lessen my excitement so I can help her over the top without losing it myself.

OK, that’s the theory. But if you haven’t studied Tantric Sex yet, what should you do if you want to put this strategy into action? Here are nine practical tips.

1. Take Turns

Take turns leading and following. Don’t expect him to be totally in charge of your pleasure all the time. When you need something more, guide him so he can lead. But when he’s approaching the point of no return, let him do what he needs to back off. Learn when to put your demands first and when to put his sensitivity first.

2. Communicate Verbally

Partnering for orgasmic sex doesn’t work best like a silent auction. Even your first time together, there’s a graceful way to ask for what you prefer. In fact, before we take our clothes off, I like to ask about my partner’s likes and dislikes. Where’s your G-spot? What does it and your clio (clitoris) prefer? What can I do to help you reach orgasm if that’s what you want? The woman can ask similar questions to help build a working partnership.

Does that spoil the mood? Well, maybe, the kind of rip-your-clothes-off can’t-wait-another-second unrealistic movie couplings. But we find that talking about what we’re going to do to each other and that we really want it is a huge turn-on.

Communication is even more important once you start making love. How are you feeling? What do you want more of and less of right now? What are you loving about your partner’s body and what it’s doing to you? Many say this kind of intimacy is even more erotic than non-stop humping.

3. Ask Him to Reveal How Close He Is

The most important fact to share frequently is how close you each are to coming. Sexologists recommend using a 10-point scale where 0 equals feeling nothing and 10 equals climaxing. Or maybe it’s enough for him to say “I’m close” when he needs to slow down. Sharing like this requires that he pays attention to his excitement level. And it brings the secret (how likely is it that he’ll come in a few seconds) out into the open so you can share the responsibility.

4. Welcome Him Showing How Close He Is

It’s true that announcing a number every few seconds may not help your erotic mood. Verbal communication is important, but it does require thinking when you’re trying to concentrate on feeling. So it’s even better to encourage your guy to SHOW his turn-on with non-verbal communication. He doesn’t want to inhibit his body doing its thing. Respond passionately when he breathes heavily, moves sensuously, wails and flails. Applaud when he makes love sounds. Celebrate it every time he lets his freak flag fly. Then they’ll be less need for play-by-play announcements and fewer unexpected surprises.

5. Monitor His Body Language

It won’t help much if he’s opening up but you’re not paying attention. Monitor his body language. The more you make love with someone, the better you’ll get at reading his signals. My wife can tell when I pull out or stop moving. Pretty obvious. But she can also tell when I tense up or just get less relaxed. Maybe it’s part telepathy. But I think she’s just staying awake and noticing my changes.

Watching him does require that you devote some of your RAM, your mental computer’s memory, away from your own pleasure. It’s a fundamental Tantric principle that “energy flows where attention goes.” So monitoring him the whole time may take you out of your own experience. That’s why alternately leading and following, focusing on him at times and yourself at times, is so helpful.

Some say that the three keys to a successful bar, store, or restaurant is location, location, location. Maybe so. But I do know that the three keys to coming together is timing, timing, timing.

6. Let Him Choose Positions

Some sexologists believe that it’s better for the guy if the woman is on top. Supposedly he can relax and not work as hard. That never seems to work for me. Sure, I love it when she’s riding me if I’m not too close. But when I’m hypersensitive, I’m much better able to regulate my excitement in different sexual positions where I have more control. Me on top or both of us on our sides work better for me. The also allow for a looser fit as well as other postures when she can spread her legs. I save the tighter fit positions for times I’m able to pump to her heart’s delight.

7. Let Him Choose the Pace

When he needs to manage his excitement, let him choose the pace. When he slows down to keep from going over the edge, follow him. When he’s less sensitive and goes faster, lose yourself and enjoy it.

8. Experiment With Strokes 

The better you understand the ten sweet spots (erogenous zones) on your man’s vajra (penis), the easier it will be to find sexual strokes that he’s less sensitive to. Sex books commonly say that the head and crown are the most excitable.

For the first 30 minutes or so that’s usually true for me. But after I’ve peaked multiple times without coming, lower on my shaft becomes “sweeter.” Before we understood this, the spasms of my wife’s yoni (vagina) usually made me climax. Now I switch to shallower strokes when I know she’s on the verge. This allows me to maintain the angle and speed of my thrusts while reducing my excitement.

Agree that you will play with speed, angle, depth, length, and pressure of sexual strokes to find thrusting patterns that keep him going while you’re climbing.

9. Sync Your Sexual Energy

How much sexual energy you generate determines how turned-on you each get. When you’re both climbing to a peak together, you can go for it. If he’s fully pumped up and you’re not, you need to learn to enjoy slow and subtle coupling. If he’s not as excited as you, you can become fully absorbed in your own pleasure.

But the flow of sexual electricity typically isn’t steady for long. It comes and goes in peaks and troughs. So a vital part of part of your orgasmic sex partnership is to synchronize the ebbs and flows of your passion. Adjusting your pace — speeding up or slowing down — is the most obvious way to respond to each other’s energy currents.

But since excitement is a moving target, how to stay in sync with each other’s energy is bound to change and morph. For example, after a few peaks I get less sensitive. So we tend towards looser postures and a slower pace at first. I don’t stick with the same thrusting pattern for long. My wife has learned to love drawing out the build-up with lots of tantalizing variety instead of pushing to come right away. Then when my genital boil simmers down, I can speed up, thrust deeper, and give her spells of the more vigorous pumping she’s craving.


So there are the nine ways you can help your man last longer in bed. As you can see, extended coupling isn’t some silver bullet that one of you needs to learn how to shoot. Or not, as the case may be.

Is orgasmic sex natural? Well, the primal urge that makes beasts want to procreate might be. But the pursuit of maximum pleasure by conscious lovers isn’t. It’s a partnership that requires teamwork. It takes letting go of your fears and showing up fully. And it takes lots of experimenting, give and take, and practice.

I know this lovemaking style doesn’t match the fake-news porn-driven myth of animal lust that makes you both come in a couple minutes in a blaze of glory. When that rare fantasy comes true, enjoy it. But when it doesn’t, now you have nine things you can try so you’ll both get more of what you want.

Learning to make sex continuously orgasmic for long periods of time doesn’t come instantly. So expect that they’ll be fits and starts, ravings and stumblings, before you get it. It took us years to be able to do these nine things effortlessly. But isn’t lovemaking something that you’ll enjoy practicing no matter how well you do? It has been for us and continues to be after 21 years. And there’s no end to the orgasms in sight.




Love, Somraj

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