SexPositive Reno Workshop: Tantric Female Orgasm Mastery

You’re invited to join us for our presentation and discussion about Tantric Female Orgasm Mastery at the SexPositive Reno Meetup April 28, 2007 from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM. The description follows.

If you are local or plan to be in the Tahoe area enjoying the skiing, nightlife, or gambling, we’ll make arrangements for you to join this private group. Contact me here if you’re interested.

Have you ever experienced the Orgasm Gap? That’s the well-documented fact that most men come more quickly and more often than most women. Tantra, being an ancient approach to spiritual sex and harnessing the power of sexual energy, can help you change that.

During this interactive workshop we will present facts about the problem and workable solutions. We’ll ask you to join in various discussions about your experience with women’s orgasms, whether you’re a woman or a man, same or other sex focused (though we understand gay men might be less interested than everyone else).

Our presentation focuses on the three phases of women’s orgasms: 1) prerequisites, 2) erections, and 3) climaxes.

Prerequisites means things like consent comfort, safety, mood, physical condition, readiness, attraction, relationship, psychology, and emotions. If you’ve ever needed to adjust the temperature, music, furnishings, surroundings, or other logistics before you or your partner got in the mood, you know what we’re referring to.

One of the primary causes of the Orgasm Gap is that women typically take four to eight times longer to get an erection than men do. Though it’s less visible, women’s jewels (genitals) need to be thoroughly warmed-up, turned-on and engorged (filled with blood) before vigorous sex is pleasurable. So, yeah, even if you’ve heard it before, we’re going to talk about what kind and how much foreplay women need to approach the brink of orgasm.

That’s partly why a deeper understanding of female anatomy is critical. A recent study showed that half of young women surveyed couldn’t find their yoni (vagina) on a diagram, and one-third of university-aged women couldn’t find their clio (clitoris). So we will better acquaint you with the ten outer and nine inner female erogenous zones that serve as essential orgasmic triggers.

How many of them do you hit and for how long during a typical sexual encounter?

More importantly, we will show how vital it is to be creative with sexual technique, target, and position when a woman makes love with herself or with a partner. Though this class will definitely address the orgasmic challenges that jewel union (sexual intercourse) create for women, we’ll also include the vital roles of pleasure from self-love, manual, toy, oral, BDSM, and power exchange.

Did you know that the clios of only about 10% of women are close enough to the mouth of their yonis to provide enough stimulation during jewel union? So we will give you alternatives plus ways to increase her chances of coming during intercourse.

The climax part of this meetup concentrates on what makes a woman go over the top.

A woman’s orgasm is complex, especially when another person is involved. All the previous components have to be working for her. Once you eliminate the distractions by addressing the prerequisites and get her turned-on enough, you can focus on her orgasmic triggers. But beware, this is a moving target. The last three times we made love the most sensitive erogenous zone in Jeffre’s yoni was different.

Along the way we’ll undoubtedly talk about different kinds of female climaxes including multiple orgasms and female ejaculation. And whatever questions you bring with you.

Being a Level 2 session, we will keep our clothes on (though we might look at some pictures of the feminine parts). For more on levels, see Levels of Possibility. All SPR Guidelines apply. Please take a moment to review them here: Guidelines for Members and here Dos and Don’ts.

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