On Viewing Shakti

The looks we can give each other carry more than mere vision
As we gaze on our naked flesh with holistic appreciation and
Noting flaws and imperfections as the individual marks of Godhood
We surpass the ordinary sensual boundaries of physical lust.
You, a goddess, as your skin, scars, wrinkles and stretchmark’s reveal
An indication of your celestial power, the force behind my desire
And as I see that imperfect but so perfect form, I am aroused with
My lingam becoming so painfully hard. My vision expands with it.
Suddenly the brilliant light of creation bursts forth from within you.
The illumination of sexual yearning; a goddess casting aside mortal form.
You become Shakti to my Shiva. Female creation to my male destruction.
And our touch is still light, our bodies not yet bound together.
I feel the flow of energy between us, the weight of desire to unite.
Those whirling vortexes of passion steadily amplifying the worship of us.
The sacred prayers recited through motion, sweat and soft moans.
The pressure of flesh on flesh pushing the energy of our chakras higher.
The energy builds desire where climax is neither a goal or ignored.
Universal Forces we give and share, to create and heal outside ourselves.
Our sexual contact and erotic movements’ part of the Grand Truth.
The truth of what we are despite our bodies we saw as imperfect.
For you are the Goddess and I the God who exists to worship you.

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