Make Love, Sex, & Intimacy Everything

We're excited to learn that you're interested in Supreme Bliss Tantra and how to make love, sex, and intimacy everything you've dreamed of. If you haven't yet decided to invest a few dollars (with a money-back guarantee, by the way) in this vital part of life, we figured you might want to know why we wrote it.

Those interested in Supreme Bliss Tantra often ask us what Tantra is, how we approach transforming love, lust, and all of life, and what's our teaching method. Supreme Bliss Tantra is our answer. It's how we transformed our sex life into a longer, sweeter, deeper, stronger, heart-centered, never-ending series of passionate spiritual encounters. And with, step-by-step instructions, how you can transform yours.

Take Your Own Private Workshop At Home

Our ebook, Supreme Bliss Tantra, clearly shows how we teach beginners in our Private Tantric Workshops and Advanced Tantric Initiations to become adepts at summoning, sharing, and swooning in orgasmic energy. Yes, the power of the Tantric Orgasm is one of the most potent and little tapped into.

In our new ebook, we've written down everything you need to know to harness the ancient secrets of sacred sexuality. Through years of study, practice, and client experience, we've turned lofty concepts into practical directions you can easily follow.

Ecstatic sex is much much more than learning to push the right button. It's connecting all your energies - mind, heart, body, emotions, spirit - in an ever-upward-spiraling dance.

We Used To Be Ordinary Lovers

When we began our tantric path during the mid-90s, we were pretty ordinary, horny lovers. Like many women, Jeffre's orgasms required effort and she didn't ejaculate. Like most men, Somraj hadn't learned to separate orgasm from ejaculation. So he usually came more quickly that we desired.

The good news is that our situation strongly motivated us to learn about pleasure, ecstasy, and orgasm through tantric practice. We've changed so much and had so much fun in the process that we were moved to share our path. That's what this ebook and our busy website are all about. We're hoping you can learn from our efforts and enhance your sexual selves to be all you can be.

As you'll read over and over, sex just keeps getting better for us. It's fresh, new, passionate, taking us deeper in every moment. We believe it's going to be that way can be for you, too, real soon.

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