Tantra - What Does It Mean?

The word Tantra comes from the Sanskrit roots "to expand, extend, and weave." Tantra is often called sacred sexuality or Spiritual Sex because it's an ancient spiritual practice from the East that uses sexual energy to raise consciousness, build relationship, and transform life. Because we use Supreme Bliss Tantra to weave all the energies of life together to affirm living a joyous sensual life, we call it the spiritual metaphysics of sex, love, and intimacy.

Supreme Bliss Tantra is the art of transforming the life force awakened by orgasmic energy into spiritual connection. It utilizes the pleasure we create by merging male and female energies using the resulting life force for transformation. It's a unique attitude towards sex, love, intimacy, your connection to the divine, and all of life itself.

Supreme Bliss Tantra shows us how to love all of who we are and open fully to our sexual and spiritual nature. As we practice more ways to experience ourselves as sexual beings, we can experience more ecstasy and pleasure.

As part of your tantric exploration into the depths of your sexuality, it's only natural that you explore your feelings, your sensations, and the power of your life force. Supreme Bliss Tantra says love all that you are, experience everything, enjoy.

Be The Playful Lover You Were Born To Be

We'll fully explore the nature of Supreme Bliss Tantra so you'll learn how to be the blissful, playful, energetic lover you were born to be. A lover who has the desire and capacity for making loveplay last through multiple orgasms of multiple kinds, regardless of your sex.

Sound good?

We'll teach you how to relax, awaken your senses, and use your breath to increase your sexual pleasure. We'll demonstrate how to move your body to enhance your orgasms. We offer you everything you need to know, to practice, and to experience as you fly emotionally and spiritually on the wings of sexual ecstasy.

Ultimately on this unique journey, sex becomes meditation, a communion with All That Is. In other words, it's supreme bliss. And that's why this ebook is called Supreme Bliss Tantra.

What You Have To Look Forward To

Here are just a few of the key questions that we'll help you answer for you in the pages of Supreme Bliss Tantra...

  • Do you honor yourself as a sexual being?
  • Do you know how to please your lover, every time?
  • Can you release your inhibitions and open to your Goddess/God nature?
  • Do you enter every sexual encounter with open senses, a relaxed mind, and a spontaneous childlike spirit?
  • Men, can you orgasm without ejaculating? Women, can you ejaculate?
  • Do you know how to merge your heart and your sex with that of your lover?
  • Do you know what you want in every moment and how to ask for it?
  • Do you feel deeply connected to the universe every time you make love?

Order Supreme Bliss Tantra E-Book from Tantra At TahoeDo those bullets explain why we all need to learn Supreme Bliss Tantra? We think so.

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Supreme Bliss Tantra Guide To The Ecstacy Of Spiritual Sex

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