Tantric Sex Is Ecstasy & Passion

Tantric Sex is passionate and fueled by amazing highs of sexual ecstasy.

A hot sexual connection founded in love can be the powerful glue that keeps a relationship strong for a lifetime of loving. But as you age and bump into stresses of life, can you depend on it?

What Can You Depend On?

Infatuation is a strong aphrodisiac. At first, the power of love and chemistry creates an initial tide of passion. Unfortunately, the electricity doesn't always last.

Sometimes two emotionally-compatible people become really good friends and fall in love. But sometimes they lack the spark of desire that turns their bodies on to each other.

Sometimes inhibitions from cultural and religious conditioning get in the way of lovers reaching the kind of sexual ecstasy they know in their hearts they're capable of -- and desperately want to share.

Sometimes lovers unexpectedly stumble into an altered state of extraordinary sexual passion that sweeps them away. Unfortunately it may be rare or unpredictable or difficult to recreate.

What Kind Of Love & Ecstasy Do You Want?

Do you want to be able to reach these highs every time you make love?

Do you want to harness the latent spiritual life forces inside so you can enjoy stellar sexual ecstasy whenever you choose?

Do you want to make every moment together special for years to come?

This is the path to Supreme Bliss through Tantra using the passion generated by Kundalini energy.

The Sleeping Power Of Kundalini Energy

Supreme Bliss Tantra teaches you to harness the sleeping power of orgasmic sexual energy, or what we call Kundalini.

Supreme Bliss Tantra explains...

When you're sexually turned-on, you can feel a small trickle of nervous stimulation and physical excitation, alive, bubbling, vibrating inside you. We all have the capacity to feel it and generate it.

This is sexual energy, which most lovers feel most strongly right before and right after orgasm. That's why we usually call it orgasmic energy.

The old Sanskrit name for this normally latent psychosexual power is Kundalini. The Kundalini is written about and pictured as a coiled snake, lying dormant at the base of the spine. When awakened through tantric practice, Kundalini energy can ascend through your subtle energy or light body, creating powerful ecstatic experiences and heightened cosmic consciousness.

Although the Kundalini is always there, sometimes it's quiet. When sleeping, its sensations are subtle. It's like a higher, finer frequency that's hard to hear until you're tuned in and turned on. When awakened, Kundalini becomes a potent force inside you. Then this subtle energy becomes a tidal wave of life force.

No Limit To Your Ecstasy

When you know how to awaken your Kundalini and exchange orgasmic energy with a partner, there's no limit to your ecstasy.

What's the tantric path? Learn to live life passionately and your sex life will be transformed. Or is it the converse? Learn to enjoy passionate Spiritual Sex and your whole life will be transformed.

Practicing passion in all areas of your life will bring more passion in your lovemaking, too. When you combine passion with intimacy and sacred connection, you have a dynamite combination.

There is a complete universe within your being. Tapping into the energy of that internal world and extending it into all aspects of your life is Supreme Bliss Tantra.

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