Tantra Has Six Stages

Tantra At Tahoe's new sacred sex guidebook for beginniners is based the Supreme Bliss Tantra Ritual. This is a six-stage framework of heart-centered and juicy practices that tantric lovers go through to generate ecstatic states with Spiritual Sex.

A tantric ritual is simply a simple series of steps to get you ready to fully appreciate the joys of Tantric Sex. It takes conscious attention to create the mood inside and out. Remove the distractions, intentionally create the ambiance you desire, and then your inner energy work can blend seamlessly with your outer play.

Here is an overview of the six stages of the SBT Ritual...

1. Tantric Sacred Space: Consciously preparing and arranging the physical environment for your ritual to maximize comfort, safety, and sensuality.

2. Connecting Hearts: Creating a deep bridge at the heart and soul level by honoring yourself and your beloved as reflections of the divine.

3. Meditating Together: Relaxing the mind and body into the moment to prepare for open energy channels with maximum sensitivity and flow.

4. Energizing Turn-On: Consciously using the instinctual process of orgasm to turn-on your body's energy using the Four Cornerstones Of Supreme Bliss.

5. Tantric LoveMaking: Using a wide range of ecstatic sexual practices to generate and share potent energies so you can float in the Orgasm Zone together.

6. Closing Ritual Space: Gently cooling down together to create a mutual sense of energetic completion.

Each Sexual Encounter Becomes New & Different

The core chapters of Supreme Bliss Tantra each focus on one stage of this ritual. In our ebook, you'll learn multiple sacred and exciting exercises that you can use as your mood and style dictate. For example, stage 2 teaches the exquisite joys of eye-gazing as well as the nude melting hug. Stage 5 contains specific directions for 36 Kama Sutra sex positions.

We created the Supreme Bliss Tantra Ritual to give you an easily remembered format that can help you understand the process of sinking into a special space for generating ecstatic states. Each chapter about the six ritual stages offers you multiple practices. Some we feel are so essential that we do them every time we make love. Others you'll only use when you're so moved. Once you've tried try them all, they'll become tasty menu options you can choose to experience each time you engage in Spiritual Sex.

Because the SBT Ritual is an outline, you can plug one or many different practices into each section, thus creating a new and different experience each time. In this way you'll learn how to use the principles of Supreme Bliss Tantra to create your own formula for an out-of-this-world sexual and spiritual connection with yourself, your beloved, and the Divine every time.

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