The Six Differences Of Tantric Sex

Tantric Sex is different. This explanation of why and how comes straight out of our Supreme Bliss Tantra ebook...

"Through Supreme Bliss Tantra, our sex becomes: Closer, Wider, Deeper, Higher, Longer, or just simply, More!"


Tantric Sex is more intimate, with more communication, and more cooperative. It's not a performance, it's a partnership. Both lovers are creating mutual pleasure together, like kids playing doctor for the first time. The whole experience becomes a closer one.


Supreme Bliss Tantra is first and foremost about consciousness, which widens the sexual playing field. When you study your sexual preferences, you find more erogenous zones. When you convert to a sex-positive mindset, you can absorb more and more pleasure. When you accept your body more, you become more responsible for your own pleasure. Maybe you'll find yourself enjoying things you wouldn't even try before like finger sex, slower sex, oral sex, or anal sex just to mention a few. When you approach sex consciously, you discover more of what you like, when, and how.


Tantrikas learn to get out of their heads and into their bodies. So they feel more. This makes their sexual experiences deeper. They become more aware of sexual energy, more able to summon passion at will, more likely to connect at more levels. When they tune into the subtler, higher, finer frequencies of Tantric Sex, they unleash powerful spiritual forces.


Closer, wide, and deeper sex yields more ecstasy with more intensity. When you open your senses to full enjoyment of pleasure and drop your expectations, agendas, and goals about sex, you naturally soar higher and higher. Instead of focusing on getting or giving that Big O, you let better orgasms come to you. Both men and women discover new peaks, climaxes, and ecstatic experiences, expanding their orgasmic range. Ultimately, Tantric Sex becomes meditation when you both float together, lost in the Orgasm Zone.


We ran into a swinger at a sex conference last year who said, though she'd never tried it, she knew what Tantric Sex was. Slow sex, she said. Well, sometimes that's true. And sometimes not. What we can vouch for is that Tantric Sex takes more time and lasts longer. Which is wonderful, spending more hours generating, absorbing, and exchanging more life-giving energy.


With all this going for you, you'll definitely beat the national average for committed couples having sex just once or twice a week for ten minutes. You'll get more sex because you'll want more sex more often. It will make you feel more alive, more vibrant, more healthy, more peaceful. When your sexual encounters leave you feeling excited, energized, and empowered, you'll make more time for it. When your sexual play becomes closer, wider, deeper, higher, and longer, you'll find your whole outlook on life becoming more positive, upbeat, balanced, evolved. Then you'll know the true outcome of Tantric practice.

Yes, Spiritual Sex is Closer, Wider, Deeper, Higher, Longer, and More! What a long, sweet, slow journey it will be.

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