Relationship Means Emotional Communication

Supreme Bliss Tantra can be a powerful force to revitalize your relationship. Tantric Sex can be a powerful force to recharge the intimacy of your connection. Spiritual Sex can be the powerful force you both need to recapture that harmony that brought you together.

That's why two of the themes weaving in and out of Supreme Bliss Tantra are communications and emotions. Here's what our ebook says about this...

Tantric Sex Is Heart-Centered

To bring about inner peace and harmony, the Eastern masters teach us to seek our inner core of truth centered in our heart. As we grow in consciousness and self-love, our hearts unfold and we share more of ourselves with others. We communicate more openly and authentically about what's really important. Naturally, our desire and capacity to love increases.

Spiritual Sex is heart-centered. Yes, it's about being in your body and feeling pleasure. But it's the sharing that really counts. It's about being more sensitive to yourself and your partner's feelings. That's why we describe Spiritual Sex as being more centered in your heart, your whirlpool of love, than rooted in your jewels.

Heart-centered lovers are motivated by what's good for their beloveds as well as themselves. A good share of their joy comes from caring about others. They develop the instinctive energies of the heart: compassion, gratitude, and giving thanks.

Though the foundations of Supreme Bliss Tantra begin with solo practice, many join this path with a partner to enhance their love. With consciousness and self-acceptance, we discover what a strong teacher a relationship is. We tend to see the cup half-full instead of half-empty and focus on the redeeming qualities about otherwise dysfunctional situations.

Operating with your heart as your center of focus tremendously expands your potential for intimacy. Let's look into that next.

Gratitude Can Transform Your Relationship

One potent example of how communication can transform relationship is through gratitude. Here's another excerpt from our Supreme Bliss Tantra ebook...

So many tensions spring up in relationships by comparing partners to our ingrained standards, deep-seated values, and hidden expectations. We often fuel these judgments with memories of others or romance fantasies, but your own beliefs are at the core.

Yet loving someone means giving them the space to be themselves, to be different, to be unique. It means granting them the right to their own beingness. If you crammed them into little boxes in your head that spring from your parents, your culture, your unrealistic fantasies, you probably wouldn't feel the same about your love.

You can change all this with gratitude. Gratitude is one of the most powerful spiritual forces in the universe. Gratitude activates your life force, your spiritual power, your divine connection.

When you fervently desire something, appreciate the life force flowing through you that makes you who you are. Know that you're loved so much that you deserve everything you want and All That Is will help you get it. Be grateful that this is how God/Goddess operates. When something you want begins to come your way, show how grateful you are and then more will undoubtedly arrive soon.

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