Tantric Sexual Healing Is Something We All Need

Tantric sexual healing is something we all could benefit from. Why? We've all been through one or another of these situations described in Supreme Bliss Tantra...

  • We meet someone we're really attracted to. We finally get to the big moment in bed, and either our energy isn't there, or our new lover's desires goes flat. What happened?
  • You've been thinking about sex for days until you finally find the opportunity. Maybe you have an argument or some heated words, and sex and communion are the last things you want.
  • You're a hot sexy lover and you fall for this wonderful guy or gal. You absolutely adore oral sex but he won't touch your yoni or she won't touch your vajra with a mouth for anything.
  • At last, you've found and fallen for your dream lover. The first six months are fabulous: juicy days, hot sex anytime, hotter long nights. Then, for no apparent reason, she's no longer interested in sex or his erections take a permanent vacation.
  • One of the saddest situations is when partners know their chosen one doesn't have much of a sex drive. They marry anyway hoping it's going to change, or trying to believe it doesn't really matter that much. Too often it doesn't change, and in the long run, it does matter, doesn't it?

What do all of these situations have in common? Our life force energy is blocked. Tantric Sex is one of the fastest and best, not to mention most enjoyable, ways of clearing out your inhibitions, limitations, and blockages.

Cultivate The Energy Of Pleasure & Heal Naturally

Although Supreme Bliss Tantra wasn't designed as therapy for your sexual hang-ups and limitations, it may well turn out that way. When you relax, exercise your erogenous zones, and fully enjoy your bodies, you can run into the old emotional baggage that blocks your joy and excitement. You'll probably find that old pains, wounds, and trauma are stored in your body in ways that prohibit you from experiencing your ecstatic self.

Instead of focusing on problems, tantric practice heals purely through the committed pursuit of pleasure. By generating and circulating Kundalini energy, you gradually wear down blockages the way a spring flood smooths a stream-bed. By opening your energy channels more and more, you typically bump into resistance that surfaces and get the opportunity to work through it. This isn't always an easy process, but it can be powerful and fast.

By cultivating the energy of pleasure, you heal your wounds, lose your inhibitions, and release your inner blocks by seeking higher and higher states of ecstasy. You're left cleansed, relaxed, and free. You become more and more sex positive, embracing the Tantric Attitude. You bask in love for yourself. When you become fully natural and spontaneous with sensual and sexual play, then you can probably be fully natural and spontaneous in any aspect of your lives.

Through tantric sexual healing, Supreme Bliss Tantra can help you have more sex, enjoy it more, expand your pleasure, and supercharge your orgasms.

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