A G-Spot sex positive view is essential for G-Spot sex education.

G-Spot sex positive means an attitude that supports anything sexual as truly okay. G-Spot sex positive people talk about sex and orgasmic triggers like the G-Spot, make time for sex, and accept sexual urges as natural. G-Spot sex positive people welcome mature sexual proposals as compliments (and have fewer headaches). G-Spot sex positive people would naturally be curious, explore, and delight in their G-Spots.

Because Tantra goes a step further and says that sex is not only okay, it's a blessing and a divine gift, our definition of G-Spot sex positive includes conscious, consensual, and creating pleasure.

Other cultures aren't as uptight about sex and the G-Spot so they're naturally more G-Spot sex positive. Here's a great example.

When he was younger, Somraj had a female friend named Joke (pronounced "yo-ka") who grew up in Holland. As a teenager, Joke occasionally would invite a date home to spend the night in her bed. Yes, openly! Not only did her folks know and approve of her selective sexual relationships, but her mom would bring the young couple breakfast in bed the next morning.

Has anything remotely G-Spot sex-positive like this happened to any of you or anyone you know? Not likely in our vast experience.

As we explain in our Kamasutra Sex Education page in more general terms than just referencing a G-Spot sex positive view...

"Great sex is learned, not automatic. Or as the Kamasutra states.. 'Sexual behavior is to be learned with the aid of the Kamasutra and the counsel of worthy men, experts in the arts of pleasure.'

"Rites of passage at the time of puberty aren't common today as they were in many ancient indigenous cultures. As part of their education, young people of Vatsyayana's time were educated in sexuality, loveplay, and the 64 Arts.

"Young people of both genders were trained and initiated from a young age. Life and lovemaking skills were taught early.

"How different this is from the way our modern institutions view adult involvement in the sexual growth and development of young people?"

From this vantage point it's clear that raising awareness about a G-Spot sex positive attitude is impeded by our sex-negative culture. Some of this stems from the way sexuality has been researched as the next page outlines.

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