G-Spot sex advice is lacking as we've discussed. Where do most people place their trust and seek information like G-Spot sex advice when it comes to health guidance? Yes, in the medical community. Because the G-Spot and reproduction are physiological realities, you might anticipate that we would get the straight story about the G-Spot sex advice and other recent sexual discoveries from health professionals.

Wrong again! As Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation: Awakening The Sacred Gate To Supreme Bliss states...

"Don't expect your family doctor, or even your OB/GYN to know very much about G-Spot sex advice. In most medical schools, the training devoted to sexuality is either non-existent or minimal. A few medical schools increased their emphasis on sexuality in the 70s and 80s, but many of them have cut back since then. So it's no surprise that the controversies over the existence of the G-Spot, G-Spot sex advice, different kinds of orgasms, and female ejaculation continue to this day in the medical community."

On the one hand, we can show empathy about this lack of up-to-date functional information like G-Spot sex advice from doctors about the joys and mechanics of a robust sex life. Schools and institutions are being extra careful about giving G-Spot sex advice and the like as an outgrowth of the war against sexual harassment.

On the other hand, repressing the natural forces of life energy are the underlying cause of sexual harassment, abuse, and violence.

Maybe the good news is that the controversy about G-Spot sex advice has fueled growing public awareness about sexuality in general...

  • More adults are questioning their knowledge of their bodies and how they can feel more by getting good G-Spot sex advice.
  • More women are seeking G-Spot sex advice as a doorway to more, easier, and stronger orgasms.
  • More lovers are exploring new ways of giving more pleasure to their G-Spots.
  • Maybe some men are even becoming more open to the concept that they don't know everything about how to behave in bed and need some G-Spot sex advice.

Whether you, your doctors, or your religious leaders like it, G-Spot sex advice needs to be a vital part of your sexual geography. Accept it, learn about it, enjoy it. Putting your head in the sand, or elsewhere where the sun don't shine, won't feel nearly as good.

In fact we want to go a step further by addressing the lack of G-Spot sex advice on the next page.

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