Find your G-Spot is obviously the starting place to enjoy G-Spot orgasm and extended sexual ecstasy. But where is it and how do you find your G-Spot?

Without a doubt, how to find your G-Spot is amongst some of the most important questions of the 21st century, especially to lovers who want to greatly enhance their sexual experience.

It's easy to say that to find your G-Spot you put your finger into your yoni and rub the front wall on the belly side. It's easy to say that you find your G-Spot or your partner's G-Spot by feeling for it under the skin. But sometimes the basics aren't enough.

But Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation EbookThere is as much bad information about the learning to find your G-Spot as good out there. As Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation: Awakening The Sacred Gate To Supreme Bliss says...

"First, there are many conflicting teachings about the size of the G-Spot ad how to find your G-Spot out there. Some say it's the size of a pea, some a bean, some say a silver dollar (2.5 cm if you're unfamiliar with U.S. currency). Actually, the truth is, to find your G-Spot, that some are bigger and some are smaller."

"Some say to find your G-Spot, look one to two inches inside yoni, or near the urethral opening. Gräfenberg, whom the spot is named after, highlighted the area near the bladder at yoni's top end to find your G-Spot. Others direct you to find your G-Spot mid-way between the cervix at yoni's end and the pubic bone. There's some truth in all these conflicting descriptions as we'll explain."

G-Spot confusion abounds about important matters like how to find your G-Spot or your partner's. With the broad reach of the internet, it's propagating like a virus. Read the next page to understand how to deal with this confusion so you'll have more luck to find your G-Spot.

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