G-Spot orgasms, as you may know from your personal experience, aren't automatic or even easy for all women. How do you learn to enjoy G-Spot orgasms and make G-Spot orgasms the norm instead of the exception.

G-Spot orgasms depend on a woman reclaiming her sexuality, learning to open to her orgasmic energy, and pumping it throughout her body. This pumping depends on the strength of a woman's sexual muscles, called PC.

The outward third of yoni is surrounded by the PC muscle. Medically, PC stands for pubococcygeus.

As you might expect from its initials, this muscle so vital with G-Spot orgasms is connected in front to the bottom of the pubic bone and in the back to the bottom of the spine, the coccyx. If you've ever tried to interrupt peeing, you know how to locate your PC muscle from the inside. It snakes around your yoni (or vajra and testicles for men) and rosetta in a double figure eight along the floor of your pelvis.

Why is the strength of a woman's PC so vital in G-Spot orgasm (and female ejaculation we might add)? The answer to G-Spot orgasms from PC muscle strength lies in your own experience. What do you feel during an exceptionally deep and strong orgasm? A rhythmic pumping of your sexual muscles, right? Build your PC and learn to use them consciously and you have a powerful tool to channel sexual energy.

With a strong PC muscle, not only is yoni healthier and more apt to produce pleasure through G-Spot organs, but a woman can grasp, grip, and massage a visiting vajra strongly. With a weak PC muscle, urine more likely to leak from the bladder through the urethra, and sexual pleasure is diminished.

The Fast Track To G-Spot Orgasms

KegelMaster 2000 Key To G-Spot OrgasmsIf you want to truly heighten your ecstatic experience, a strong PC muscle is vital. We recommend exercises, especially done with the KegelMaster™.

The KegelMaster™ is an doctor-recommended exerciser specifically designed to help women build strong healthy sexual muscles. It's made of medical-grade plastic and surgical stainless steel, applying resistance against vaginal muscles as they contract through their full range of motion. You'll notice the difference after the first use and the lover you grip will rave about your tightness!

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