Grafenberg Spot, the official name of the G-Spot, requires some knowledge, training, and practice for maximum excitement.

With the average sexual intercourse lasting 10 minutes, and the average Grafenberg Spot requiring 30 to 40 minutes of warm-up, we're sad to report that far too many lovers have never really appreciated Grafenberg Spot sex.

How To Best Arouse The Grafenberg Spot?

There are many ways to give ultimate pleasure to Shakti's (a woman's) Grafenberg Spot. You've probably stumbled upon that perfect moment when your thrusts hit just the right spot.

Maybe you were conscious of what worked and then you tried to reproduce it on her Grafenberg Spot. Since Shakti's arousal is changeable, what worked once might not have worked the same way the next time on her Grafenberg Spot.

Quick wham-bam-thank-you-maam sex doesn't do it. In fact, because of the location of the Grafenberg Spot, sexual intercourse is one of the most challenging ways to hit the Grafenberg Spot.

Sexual Intercourse G-Spot Stimulation

Frankly, most women don't get long enough Grafenberg Spot stimulation through intercourse. Which is part of the reasonUltimate Premature Ejaculation Ebook For Sexual Intercourse Grafenberg Spot Stimulation Somraj wrote his best-selling ebook, Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery, so men could learn to last longer inside and provide more exciting strokes that make untrained lovers ejaculate too soon. For more information and your copy, click here.

We love sexual union with vajra inside yoni. But for many women, it's difficult to get good Sacred Gate stimulation from a pumping vajra. Students of the Kama Sutra know that certain unique sexual positions work best for different body type combinations as our later chapter shows.

With adequate sexual stamina, some sexual positions do aim vajra (penis) right at the Grafenberg Spot. This was one of the primary targets of the ancient sex guide, the Kama Sutra. Which is why Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation has a complete chapter on the whole range of Kama Sutra sexual intercourse positions. For more details or ordering, click here.

Fingers or sex toys work much better to bring the Grafenberg Spot to its rightful level of ecstasy as the next page explains.

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