The G-Spot, where is it? Why don't more people know how to find the G-Spot? Why aren't more lovers skilled at hitting the G-Spot for maximum pleasure?

A primary reason for G-Spot ignorance is the social injunction against self-pleasuring. Or if you prefer frank language, touching yourself down there. Yes, we're celebrating masturbation but prefer the term self-pleasuring with more sex-positive connotations.

Look, nearly everybody does it at one time. Many do it regularly and with gusto. But few talk about it because of guilt, shame, and embarrassment.

Sorry, but this demands that we jump on our Tantric soap box for an important rant.

God, or the Supreme Being, or Mother Nature, or whoever you believe created this whole game called life, gave you a body and the power to enjoy it. Which is why in Tantra we view sexual pleasure as sacred. It's a divine gift.

In fact, in Conversations With God Book 2, God says...

"Give yourself abundant pleasure, and you will have abundant pleasure to give others. The masters of Tantric sex know this. That’s why they encourage masturbation.”

Some might argue that it's stretching the connection to claim that, whether you're male or female, playing with your G-Spot and family jewels is a form of prayer.

No, we don't think it's a stretch. In Tantra we accept G-Spot play of all kinds as a spiritual practice and sacred ritual. If you want more of this story, visit our free Tantra Guided Tour when you're done here.

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