(This article continues about our ebook Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation: Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss which appeared in Tantra At Tahoe's November 2002 Sacred Sexual Secrets newsletter.)

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Please help us and other enlightened sexologists spread the truth. To begin, let's take a look at what this liquid is.

First of all, female ejaculate is not urine. It's chemically different. Anyone who's been with a female ejaculator knows it has no odor and is clear, not yellow. In fact, it more closely resembles male semen, obviously without the sperm.

Amrita, the Tantric name for female ejaculate, is sweet, thin, clear, and odorless. As Gräfenberg pointed out, it gushes, squirts, or dribbles at orgasm, which makes it of little use as a lubricant.

We've proven this all too often. Jeffre's common practice is to squirt or dribble repeatedly during our lovemaking. As a result, her thin amrita washes always the "Probe," our preferred sexual lubricant, that we use during sexual union to reduce friction and increase sensation. Reapplying some Probe is now just a routine part of our lovemaking as we pause at peaks and plateaus of ecstasy.

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Where does it come from? Our friend, Dr. Gary Schubach, also known as "Doctor G," proved in his doctoral research that amrita is released from the urethra. He studied several copious squirters and, by emptying their bladders first, clearly identified amrita issuing from the same place as pee.

So it's understandable why untrained lovers sometimes think it's urine, coming out of the same orifice. But Gary's analysis and others have showed it's quite different.

Some women ejaculate every time they have sex. Some only with certain lovers and certain love play. Some rarely. Others squirt only at certain times during their monthly cycle.

We believe many women already ejaculate but don't know it. Not knowing about the possibility, they aren't aware of it. They may be dribbling such a small amount of fluid that they don't notice it. Or sadly, they might have been misled by their family physician, gynecologist, or ignorant lovers.

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