G-Spot stimulation is likely to create a big wet spot from her as well as from him.

We don't think anyone should be forced to sleep in a wet spot after sex. No one should have to avoid G-Spot stimulation or hold back during sex for fear of dousing the bed, rug, or furniture by ejaculating. No one should have to pass on sex because it's that time of the month. Don't you agree?

Which is why our friend Karen Fowler created Luv Liners and Luv Linens so you can fully enjoy G-Spot stimulation. These are super-absorbent, waterproof pads designed to keep your lovemaking space clean and dry during G-Spot play. Luv Liners are soft and disposable while Luv Linens are washable and reusable. Now you have options! And they're really inexpensive. 

Karen's big soft coverings give people everywhere the luxury of enjoying G-Spot stimulation and the wettest sex ever without worrying about the mess. Why sleep on a towel or get up to change the sheets after a good nights G-Spot stimulation if you don't have to?

Sure, you can buy little ugly incontinence protectors at the drug store (or chemist shop in the UK). We just really prefer the much larger, colorful, and patterned ones Karen has specially made for gushy lovers like her and us.

Luv Linen Female Ejaculation Bed ProtectorLuv Liners and Luv Linens provide protection and peace of mind for love's most slippery moments. They give you permission to enjoy the wettest G-Spot sex ever and let your ejaculations flow without hesitation. Luv Linens are the ultimate "christening blanket" allowing you to be adventurous and enjoy sex wherever you desire. 

Let's face it a bunched-up towel doesn't quite do the job does it?

Using Luv Linens gives you the freedom to capitalize on what you learn about G-Spot stimulation and female ejaculation and take your love life to a whole new level. Imagine how free you'll feel to relax and let your love flow G-Spot stimulation & orgasm after G-Spot stimulation & orgasm after G-Spot stimulation & orgasm when you know your bed, sofa, tablecloth, or rug will be clean and dry no matter how much passion you enjoy. 

Now, there's no need to hold back. No sheets to change, no more ruined towels, sheets or mattresses. No more wet spots to endure. How awesome is that!

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