Woman G Spot Is A Catchy Name

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Womans G-Spot, a catchy name, don't you think? Maybe that's partly why it's such a phenomenon amongst those brave souls willing to do some sexual exploration.

The Womans G-Spot is named after the first modern sex researcher to publish information about this highly-sensitive area on the anterior wall of the yoni (Tantric for vagina) in the scientific literature. We're referring, of course, to Ernst Gräfenberg, a German obstetrician who's article in 1950 brought this area that can produce so much sexual pleasure to modern consciousness.

Of course, the first Dr. G wasn't really the discoverer. Tantric texts thousands of years old refer to it. Ancient sexuality texts from India like the Kama Sutra and from China make it clear this sensitive zone has been understood for millennia.

By the way, Dr. Gräfenberg actually didn't use the term "spot." That came much later and got picked up by the media. More about all of this on our Name and History pages (if that kind of thing turns you on).

Today What We Know About A Woman G Spot

What do we know today about the Womans G-Spot?

  • Everyone's got one, male and female.

  • They develop from the same tissue in men and women, the prostate gland. More about this on our Prostate page.

  • The Womans G-Spot is not as well-defined an organ as the male version so it's got a reputation for being somewhat elusive and hard to locate. See our G-Spot Location page for more details.

  • Exciting the Womans G-Spot, especially while giver and receiver are learning, isn't always easy. In fact, it's often very difficult with a vajra (Tantric for penis).

  • If you're lucky enough to learn how to really excite the G-Spot, it can produce different, deep, and unusually strong orgasms.

Well, there's lots more coming (sorry, those kind of phrases just pour out sometimes). But as long as we're on the subject, let's delve into one of our favorite subjects on the next page, Womans G-Spot orgasms.

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