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We know that freaks out some people, partly because of the hygiene factor. But if you wash and stay aware of what you put where, you can make it clean and safe. We always keep talc-free latex gloves handy just for that purpose.

The ultra-insensitive approach of too many physicians during prostate exams has created a lot of resistance to anal play. On the other hand, many people love it. There are a great many nerve endings there which produce incredible pleasure when the right kind of stimulation is welcomed and accepted.

As with so many kinds of sexual exploration, relaxing is the key here, too. We find it tremendously freeing when a man opens to anal penetration. Regardless of his experience, a man can't walk away from his first time without great empathy for what women experience during sexual penetration.

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Enlightened sexologists recognize that both men and women can have great pleasure and orgasms from both inner and outer stimulation. They compare male and female jewels (Tantric for sex organs), seeing clio (Tantric for clitoris) as a small female vajra and the sacred gate as the female prostate.

Since men's and women's jewels evolve from the same embryonic human tissue, the comparison makes sense. Here is firm evidence that the two genders are equal, at least sexually. Maybe it will help end the perennial war between the sexes. Make love, not war, right?

Women swoon when they first experience sacred gate play and female ejaculation. With male G-spot stimulation, men can soar right along with them.

A Tantric friend recently wrote... "My husband goes into as long and expanded states as I do, we are equal opportunity in this department!"

Blended orgasm, combining clio and sacred gate excitement, is even more fantastic for women. Now there's no reason why ecstasy needs to be limited to the fairer sex. Couple male G-spot play with vajra stimulation and the sky is literally the limit for both sexes.

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