G-Spot women focused research has made strides recently.

The tables turned in the middle of the last century with studies that really put sex research on the map. As Tantric G-Spot Women Orgasm & Female Ejaculation: Awakening The Sacred Gate To Supreme Bliss explains...

"In contrast, pioneering sex researchers, like Kinsey in the 50s and Masters & Johnson in the 60s, believed that only clio was responsible for women's orgasms. The good news was that these findings spurred vibrator-wielding feminists to teach women that they could develop their orgasmic potential.

"The bad news was that, depending on who they listened to, many people ignored a valuable source of female sexual pleasure. (Don't worry, we're not going to take sides in this silly debate.)"

We won't go into the research methods that were decidedly based on the linear male experience of sexual excitation and orgasm. Let us just say that someone who had never had a G-Spot women orgasm, or been with a woman who had a G-Spot women orgasm, might not even include studying this vital orgasmic trigger.

Our G-Spot Women ebook goes on to say...

"Fortunately, the pendulum began to swing back in 1982 when the G-Spot women book was published. Public consciousness, fueled by scientific research and growing comfort with the sexual revolution, opened to other orgasmic triggers.

"It's only been since the late 90s that medical research began to take seriously the notion that women's sexuality operates differently than men's. At last, serious investigation is underway into the unique sexual anatomy and physiology of the female that will ultimately support women in leading joyful sex lives. What you'll read here is based on the most recent findings."

Hopefully, the trickle-down theory if not assertive sex education will impact the scientific community about G-Spot women eventually. The gap on the next page continues.

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