G-Spots differences exist from person to person and time to time.

Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation goes on...

"The truth is that G-Spot differences appear at different times. We all seek an infallible roadmap, but when it comes to G-Spots, that's not always possible."

Any aware lover knows that women are changeable. In Tantra we welcome and celebrate the unique experience of the moment. If you know the different kinds of G-Spots and how their response changes, this isn't a problem.

Dr. Milan Zaviacic's recent research in Slovakia has demonstrated that there are four different configurations of the female prostate or G-Spot. Learning the various types and how to approach each is an essential part of a G-Spot lover's arsenal.

What you need is to develop the awareness, sensitivity, and skill set essential to finding, exciting, and delighting any G-Spot you meet. Which is why we wrote our G-Spot ebook with it's 50 plus exercises to provide you with a thorough how-to guide.

Both male and female prostates, or G-Spots if you prefer, play a central role in explosive orgasm. Male ejaculation is initiated by contraction of the muscles around the prostate gland. Those women highly skilled in the joys of G-Spot play experience an analogous situation when they ejaculate.

If you're interested in the fascinating sexual reality of female ejaculation, continue to the next page.

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