Gspot awareness looms large as one of the most profound sexual breakthroughs of recent decades. This is not only because of its misunderstood sexual power, but because of the continuing myths and controversies surrounding the Gspot.

Most everyone has heard of the Gspot, but few lovers know how to find and treat the Sacred Gate properly. Why is that?

  • Because of religious anti-sexual programming, too few adolescents educate, experiment, and explore themselves.

  • Because of the shame, guilt, and embarrassment associated with sexuality, too few mature people talk about it.

  • Because sexual knowledge is suppressed due to Puritan right-wing fundamentalist views, too few married couples take full advantage of the Gspot's orgasmic potential.

As a result, most lover's sources of sexual information have been...

  • The Media, which sensationalizes everything and offers little more than catchy sound bites about things like the Gspot,

  • Guys' Locker Rooms, a highly suspect form of communication when male egos are leading the quest to find the long-lost Gspot,

  • Girl Talk, which may have a tendency for greater accuracy when otherwise shy and reticent friends summon their courage to talk openly about the Gspot, but all too often their conversation lacks any factual basis or solid personal experience,

  • Rumors, which often contain misunderstandings about the Gspot and become exaggerated if not completely erroneous as they pass from mouth to mouth.

Are there any better and accurate sources of Gspot information? The next page helps answer that.

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