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More About Women & Men G-Spot Research

G-Spot sex research is a modern scientific pursuit, right?

You can only buy the premise that G-Spot sex was a "modern discovery" if you believe that things are only true when proven by the scientific method. As we've related, probably more has been forgotten about sexuality like G-Spot sex and spirituality like cosmic Tantric orgasms than modern science can rediscover in the next 50 years.

The second G-Spot sex gap that this page confronts is the way modern sex research has operated, namely the lack of female focused G-Spot sex research. Until recently, sexology studies have been predominantly male dominated and male led. Since G-Spot sex awareness began with only women in mind, we can understand why men studying female anatomy might miss something now and then.

We have to go back to Freud in the early decades of the last century to understand where modern sex theories the get in the way of G-Spot sex research came from. Freud was a guy, for sure, and we've heard nothing of feminist consciousness from Austria early in the 1900s.

In spite of the fact that G-Spot sex wasn't part of his equation, this contest helps us understand his "mature orgasm" theory. He observed that adolescents learn sexuality through self-pleasuring, and young women learn to orgasm by stimulating the clio (Tantric for clitoris).

Tantric G-Spot Sex & Orgasm & Female Ejaculation explains...

"About the turn of the 20th century, Freud was generating his own revolution about the nature of sexuality. He said there were two kinds of orgasm: clitoral and vaginal, or in Tantric terms clio and yoni. Freud convinced many that clio (clitoral) orgasms were immature. According to him, it took a real woman to have a yoni orgasm.?

Unwittingly, when he said mature women only climax from vaginal intercourse, Freud was endorsing G-Spot sex.

We don't intend to go into all sides in the sex research controversies that Freud's theory catalyzed. But some later findings are significant to understand this G-Spot sex gap. Click continue to learn more.

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