G-Spot sex tips and sex education are sorely lacking and completely non-existent in many places.

Why doesn't our culture offer more information like G-Spot sex tips?

Modern society treats sexuality the way an ostrich confronts danger, by putting its head in the sand. Sex is inherent in all life, and no matter what we try to do, messages like G-Spot sex tips are all around us. Yet in much of the public mind's eye, sex is sinful, dirty, and preferably hidden.

We've addressed some of the factors of our non-sex-positive culture. If our society more fully embraced the Tantric view of sex as healthy, we'd have more open communication, public awareness, and well-informed sex professionals to give valid G-Spot sex tips.

The continuing controversy about G-Spot sex tips simply confirms this cultural ambivalence. If you can step back from the widespread nonsensical conditioning about sexuality, you will recognize that this repression about sex in general, not just G-Spot sex tips in particular, isn't good for us individually nor collectively.

Because it's programmed in our bodies and minds, a robust sex life is an integral part of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

In short, sex with or without G-Spot sex tips is healthy. With decades of relationship therapy behind us, we can confirm the deleterious effects of limited sexual enjoyment on long-term marriages. In fact, recent research suggests that frequent ejaculation prevents prostate cancer in men.

So good sense would guide us to embrace a wonderful sex life as good for us. Is that the advice and G-Spot sex tips we get?

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