Where the G-Spot and similar G-Spot questions like...

  • Where the G-Spot?
  • What is it?
  • Does everyone have one?
  • How does it work?
  • What do you do with it after you find where the G-Spot?
  • What's its connection with orgasms?

are percolating just under the surface of so many seekers of greater sexual pleasure.

We're certainly on that path, with the help of Tantra, the ancient science of sacred sexuality, and modern findings about where the G-Spot and female ejaculation. By you joining us here we're including you in this select audience of courageous independent thinkers who want more in their beds, in their love, and in their lives.

Our free guided G-Spot tour is chock full of information to help you decide what you already know about where the G-Spot and what you want to know more of. It offers some surefire options about how you can develop the skill you decide you need and want.

One thing our free tour doesn't contain is detailed instructions about exercises and instructions for finding where the G-Spot and stimulating the G-Spot for life-altering Tantric Orgasms. Because doing it takes more effort and a definite commitment, we've reserved that for our ebooks and trainings which you'll learn all about on this tour.

What we can tell you is where the G-Spot is and that G-Spot stimulation isn't automatic and doesn't happen easily through sexual union (our Tantric name for intercourse). Which is why our ebooks and trainings teach the four basic massage strokes and the variables that you can use to create umpteen variations. Lovers experienced with giving and receiving G-Spot massage are much more likely to learn how to "hit the spot" through penetration.

To help you discover where the G-Spot is and what your and your lover's G-Spots prefer, we urge you to embark on a personal program of sexual education. This "Where The G-Spot" Guided Tour is a free powerful step. Which begins with you clicking the continue button for the next page.

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Welcome to our Free Guided Tour. Follow the tour in this order or browse using this menu...

G-Spot Guided Tour Intro
Where Is The G-Spot?
A Woman's G-Spot
G-Spot Orgasm
Finding Your G-Spot
The Woman's G-Spot
Picture Of The G-Spot
G-Spot Mystery
Women's G-Spot
G-Spot Sex Education
G-Spot Sex Positive
G-Spot Sex Research
G-Spot Women
G-Spot Sex Tips
G-Spot Sex Advice
G-Spot Self Pleasuring
Find Your G-Spot
G-Spot Confusion
Female G-Spot
G-Spot Location
G-Spot Differences
G-Spot Female Ejaculation
G-Spot Stimulation
G-Spot Sexual Healing
More G-Spot Sexual Healing
G-Spot Orgasms
Grafenberg Spot
G-Spot Vibrator
Male G-Spot
Free G-Spot Article 1
Free G-Spot Article 2
Free G-Spot Article 3
Free G-Spot Article 4
Free G-Spot Article 5
Free G-Spot Article 6
Free G-Spot Article 7
Free G-Spot Article 8
Free G-Spot Article 9
Free G-Spot Article 10


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