G-Spot sex education is sorely needed. Face it, the G-Spot exists, so why not more G-Spot sex education?

Ignorance, suppression, and denial are no longer viable options instead of G-Spot sex education. What we do about G-Spot sex education as a culture is our only choice. The first lack we want to address is the lack of G-Spot sex education.

Because of the outmoded views strongly imposed by religions and handed down from generation to generation, our society is conflicted about sexuality. As a result, sexual anatomy and G-Spot sex education is extremely limited, frequently inaccurate, and often non-existent in schools.

Of course, Tantra views the pursuit of sexual pleasure as a healthy, positive, transformative sacrament so we commonly do much G-Spot sex education. With the advent of AIDS, the long prevalence of other sexually transmitted diseases, and the high incidence of unwanted pregnancies, limiting G-Spot sex education makes no sense.

Studies have shown that explicit teaching like G-Spot sex education does not increase teenage sexuality. If we teach adolescents about their bodies and G-Spot sex education from a place of respect, it can only ease their puberty, reduce their emotional wounding, and improve their future relationships.

Not to mention eradicating one of the primary causes of sexual abuse, the lack of information from positive communication like G-Spot sex education.

Look, sex is natural. Our kids are driven by their hormones to experiment sexually whether or not they receive G-Spot sex education. They can do it with ignorance, shame, and guilt, or with the information, sensitivity, and consciousness resulting from G-Spot sex education. We can help them to be safe, smart, and satisfied with what they're going to do anyway.

We advocate a sex positive attitude with lots of G-Spot sex education as the next page delves into.

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