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Tantric Orgasm, The Ultimate Sexual Ecstasy, Can Be Yours

Beyond Orgasm, Beyond Multiple Orgasm, Lies The Continuous Orgasm Zone

You can have life-altering cosmic Tantra Orgasms every time you make love or self-pleasure!

The ebooks and ecourses you've read about in this Male Orgasm Online Guided Tour can show you how to have a series of rapturous Tantra Orgasms at will so that you...

  • Feel much more intense pleasure than you've ever felt before
  • Spread that amazing passion all over your body
  • Vibrate inside and out at the peak of supreme bliss
  • Let the rolling thunder and lightning carry you away over and over.

But what role does Supreme Bliss Tantra play in learning Tantra Orgasm?

Rapturous Tantra Orgasm Every Time You Make Love

Tantra Orgasm is a startling new experience if you haven't learn to enjoy it by practicing Supreme Bliss Tantra yet.

For most of us, we build up sexual tension and then have a quick, though frequently delightful, explosive climax. Wonderful, sure, but far short of a Tantric Orgasm. All that work and trouble for just a few fleeting seconds of enjoyment without the kind of lasting pleasure and benefit you gain from a Supreme Bliss Tantra Orgasm.

Yes, Tantric Orgasm is very different.

When most people think about improving their lovemaking, they expect they'll have bigger and better orgasms during sexual intercourse. That sounds pretty good, doesn't it? But frankly, it's limited compared to what you can experience with Tantra Orgasm.

What Is Tantra Orgasm?

Have you ever been swept away by an ecstatic wave that was magnificent, beyond words, transformative, other-worldly, and touched the core of your being? Then somewhere inside you've got the cellular memory you need to create Tantra Orgasms at will.

Your peak experience means that you've sipped from the same fountain of ambrosia that we call Tantra Orgasm. We're talking about a crescendo of pleasure that goes on and on with intense pleasure and powerful internal vibrations throughout your entire body and soul.

Many lovers describe Tantra Orgasm as entering a timeless altered state of divine bliss.

If you're lucky, you already know that sometimes Tantra Orgasm happens unexpectedly. Part of the Supreme Bliss Tantra path to Tantric Orgasm is learning about your body, mind, and spirit so you can recreate Tantra Orgasm at will. And harness the tremendous energy to release powerful life forces that can change the way you love and live.

What Is Supreme Bliss Tantra ?

Supreme Bliss is the zenith of sexual ecstasy which transforms orgasmic energy, what the ancients called kundalini, into expanded consciousness. Supreme Bliss Tantra is our modern system of personal transformation based on the ancient Eastern spiritual path which uses sexual kundalini energy practices to deepen love and intimacy, extend lovemaking, and thereby create continuous full-body mind-altering Tantric Orgasms.

How can Supreme Bliss Tantra help you elevate your peaks of pleasure to Tantric Orgasms? Fundamentally, it teaches you to sense, cultivate, expand, and channel these subtle life force energies. Most first feel kundalini as the warmth, the tickle, the pleasurable flood of excitement that spreads around the body when getting turned on.

The juicy path of Supreme Bliss Tantra revolves around learning to recognize and utilize this sexual energy long before it builds into an orgasm. Which is why we often call kundalini orgasmic energy. Yes, you can feel like you're having an orgasm even without those genital muscle spasms.

BUY Supreme Bliss Tantra Guide To The Ecstasy Of Spiritual SexEbook from TantraAtTahoe.comIf this path to higher consciousness through Spiritual Sex  inspires you, click here because you'll love reading and doing the solo and partner exercises in our Supreme Bliss Tantra Guide To The Ecstasy Of Spiritual Sex Ebook.

When Oh My God Becomes More Than A Cliche

When your energy channels are open and kundalini is flowing, Tantric Orgasm can pulse through you again and again.  

Tantric Orgasm is an energy event which is a surge of electromagnetic sensation rushing through the body. The feelings are very physical and be super intense, but may not feel like the typical genital orgasm you're used to.

Normal orgasms are the result of tension building. The release is what causes the pleasure. With Tantric Orgasm, you relax into the kundalini energy, expand and intensify those delicious sensations, and then spread them to all parts of your body.

Tantric Orgasm is so much more than a series of multiple orgasms. Sure, one explosion of pleasure after another is delightful. But when you tap into your source of life force energy, Tantra Orgasm will you connect with a continuous current that propels you higher and higher.

When you conserve the energy of orgasm this way instead of releasing all your energy, your arousal grows to a higher and higher level. With training, you can use this energy to propel you into the Orgasm Zone, an altered state of Supreme Bliss where the orgasmic waves wash through you continuously one after another with little stimulation. The O-Zone is a deeply relaxed, no-mind condition where you're closer to your true nature, the ecstatic being at your core. That's what causes other-worldly spiritual experiences during orgasm.

Now Tantric Orgasm Is Up To You

The techniques and exercises I've shared with you here in this Male Orgasm Online Guided Tour are all designed to help you achieve your God-given orgasmic potential so you can bask in Tantric Orgasm whenever you make love. We've shown many others just like you the path to the fulfilling, vibrant, joyful sexual embrace of Tantra Orgasm. Doesn't that sound like it's worth a little reading and sexual experimentation?

So here are your options...


ContinueP.S. Click here for the last page of my Male Orgasm Online Guided Tour which tells you about my Super Male Orgasm Discount Packages.

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